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Comment: My hope (Score 2) 267

by cloudnin (#37367396) Attached to: HD Transfer of <em>Star Trek: TNG</em> To Arrive This Year
While George Lucas's tinkering has ruined Star Wars, there is one change I'd like to see them make to ST:TNG episodes as the series makes its way to HD. Whenever they're going to go on an away mission and Riker tells everyone to set phasers to stun, I'd like to see the camera cut to Worf, who raises his phaser next to his head pointing up, then glares at Riker as he presses the button several times in an exaggerated way to turn the setting down.

Comment: Re:Cheaper to buy CDs (Score 1) 551

by cloudnin (#34244034) Attached to: The Beatles On iTunes
Wow, the box sets are a steal at $130 each. I paid $230 for the mono box set a year ago, and it was worth every penny. If you're buying one or both of the sets, just be sure to buy it directly from Amazon or another reputable seller—if you buy it from a seller on Amazon marketplace, ebay, or something like that, you'll almost certainly get a counterfeit set.

Comment: Who's laughing now? (Score 5, Funny) 316

by cloudnin (#30387732) Attached to: The Star Wars Christmas Special Still Exists
Whenever I try to share some of my Malla and Lumpy centric Star Wars fanfic with people, they always turn me down and say something like, "The Star Wars Christmas Special doesn't exist, George Lucas even said so," or, "The events of the Christmas Special aren't canonical." Well, who's laughing now, fuckers?

Comment: Re:Sloooooooo.....oooow (Score 1) 262

by cloudnin (#18869355) Attached to: Must-Have Extensions for Thunderbird 2.0
Yeah, Thunderbird 2 was pretty slow on Windows XP for me too. Since I didn't notice any major improvements over version 1.5, I switched back. I did the same thing after trying Firefox 2 for awhile since it always wanted to open up javascript links in the same new tab instead of separate ones like with Firefox 1.5, and I couldn't figure out a way to change this. I was hoping that they'd fix this by the time they ended support for version 1.5 (April 24 - yesterday), but I checked the most recent version and they still haven't. Hopefully they'll update Thunderbird 2 so it's speedier before support for 1.5 ends in October.

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