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Comment: Re:As an example (Score 0) 735

by clintonmonk (#34459662) Attached to: 'I Just Need a Programmer'

I "had an idea" for Kinect over a decade ago. Having toyed with VR stuff and motion capture and the like I though "Man, it'd be really awesome to have a device that does visual and shape capture at the same time, to be able to get a full 3D capture of a world in to an editor." I personally was thinking something along the lines of an IR laser rapidly scanning a scene (like a laser shape capture device but larger).

oblig after reading your first line:

Comment: Re:Don't be too brutal with Apple (Score 0) 255

by clintonmonk (#33839968) Attached to: Apple Reportedly Heading Off iPhone 'Glassgate'

That's just it, though. Cell phones are not meant to last forever. Companies expect (and want) you to have to buy a new one every couple of years.

As long as people keep buying these phones, companies have no reason to make better ones.

*And yes, I myself am part of the problem; I own a 3GS.

You can be replaced by this computer.