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+ - US Judge Has Outbreak of Common Sense in Apple/Motorola Patent War->

Submitted by sl4shd0rk
sl4shd0rk (755837) writes "Federal Judge Richard Posner seems to be a man who "gets" the screwed up patent system in the US. As Apple pressed for more injunctions against Motorola regarding alleged patent infringement, Judge Posner has stressed the two companies should just "get along" and pay each other royalties. A jury trial set to start last week was cancelled when Posner ruled that neither side could prove damages, and grilled Apple's legal team saying an injunction against Motorola would be "contrary to the public interest,". Furthermore, as Apple tried to plead its injunction case concerning four patents, Posner called the U.S. patent system "chaos" and said an order barring the sale of Motorola phones could have "catastrophic effects."."
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+ - Good low cost free software for protecting kids online. 3

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "I have two kids, one 7 and one 8, I would love to allow them internet access on a regular basis. The problem is whats out there, I really don't want them to deal with porn ads and such, but making either a blacklist, or a whitelist myself would take months. So I figured I would ask you, what free software would you use with preferably prebuilt lists to protect your kids online? What is out there with fairly easy configuration ability (to allow for game servers, they love minecraft), but secure enough they can't just bypass it using a google search?"

Comment: Government is Overlooking This Issue (Score 1) 990

by climber (#37847516) Attached to: The Real Job Threat
This great phenomenon is vastly under-appreciated by the world's governments. If they don't start formulating policies (and alternatives to capitalism?) fast, there'll be a bloody revolution when millions can't find work because robots are doing essentially everything. I don't know the answer (socialism, time banks, feudalism, or whatever), but we need to think this through to keep people from starving (esp. when the robots rebel, of course.)

IT and Health Care 294

Posted by samzenpus
from the broken-by-design dept.
Punk CPA writes "Technology Review has some thoughts about why the health care industry has been so slow to adopt IT, while quick to embrace high technology in care and diagnosis. Hypothesis: making medical records available for data analysis might expose redundancy, over-testing, and other methods of extracting profits from the fee-for-service model. My take is that it might also make it much easier to gather and evaluate quality of care information. That would be chum in the water for malpractice suits."

+ - Legislator Seeks to Blur Hospitals on Google Maps-> 1

Submitted by
climber writes "In yet another classic example of your tax dollars at work, Healthcare IT News is reporting that Joel Anderson (Republican, State Assembly, California) "wants to prevent users of Google Maps from seeing detailed photos of the nation's hospitals." Apparently he wants to prevent terrorists from using them as targets. Oh, and he also wants to ban images of schools, places of worship and government buildings. (Evidently, shopping malls, sporting venues, and casinos aren't worthy of such consideration.)"
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