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If the Comments Are Ugly, the Code Is Ugly 660

Posted by CmdrTaco
from the what's-wrong-with-minimalism dept.
itwbennett writes "What do your comments say about your code? Do grammatical errors in comments point to even bigger errors in code? That's what Esther Schindler contends in a recent blog post. 'Programming, whether you're doing it as an open source enthusiast or because you're workin' for The Man, is an exercise in attention to detail,' says Schindler. 'Someone who writes software must be a nit-picker, or the code won't work ... Long-winded 'explanations' of the code in the application's comments (that is, the ones that read like excuses) indicate that the developer probably didn't understand what he was doing.'"

Alternate Star Trek TOS Pilot Found 134

Posted by kdawson
from the not-to-split-infinitives dept.
Raver32 sends news that the lost second pilot for Star Trek has been found, and will be released next month on Blu-ray. "Star Trek fans know there were two pilots for the original series. The first, 'The Cage,' was rejected by NBC for being 'too cerebral' (ah, some things never change). The second, 'Where No Man Has Gone Before,' replaced the actor who played the captain with William Shatner and was more action driven. That pilot had an alternate version which was largely lost and has never aired. Apparently, a film collector in Germany acquired the print and 'recently brought it to the attention' of CBS/Paramount. CBS is now releasing this version on Blu-ray Dec. 15."

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