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Comment: Re:There is nothing they can do.... (Score 1) 453

by cleepa (#36674408) Attached to: Don't Fly If You Just Had Surgery!

There are some surgeries that leave objects they cannot reliably distinguish from bombs without removal. Now that the TSA seems to slowly begin to understand what it takes for the to actually provide security, they may discover that they cannot.

I had surgery like that this year. At first, the prospect of making all the lights flash on their machines was amusing. It isn't anymore. I think I could have taken the grin and bear it approach to an enhanced pat down (not that it justifies them), but this is too much. An enhanced pat down does at least allow you to satisfy the TSA that you are not any kind of threat in accordance with their stupid rule book. However, if they are going to add an innocent person to their watch list without giving that person a chance to prove their innocence, then their system is well and truly broken.

Having said all that, it's interesting how a situation that affects you personally makes a difference. By my argument, the TSA's system is already well and truly broken. For example, there are people who are on the watch list simply because they have generic names.

What a load of BS.

Comment: Re:Numeric Python (Score 1) 334

by cleepa (#32069312) Attached to: MATLAB Can't Manipulate 64-Bit Integers
One of the reasons to use MATLAB is it's huge collection of algorithms in the toolboxes. Another reason to use it is Simulink. Details on the Mathworks website: Someone else mentioned it's 2D and 3D plotting capabilities. Python may well be nice as a number crunching environment, but for algorithm design, it is very hard to beat MATLAB.

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