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Comment: Re:2D vs. 3D platforming - why not both? (Score 1) 249

by cleatsupkeep (#28080443) Attached to: What Made Those Old, 2D Platformers So Great?

Mario 64 - hardly a platformer? Excuse me? Did we play the same Mario 64?

Anyways, some of my favorite 3D platformers were the Jak and Daxter series and the Ratchet and Clank series, both a lot of fun - one of my favorites being Jak II, which was set in an immersive city with fun platforming levels and other challenges.

Comment: Re:drawbacks of more RAM (Score 1) 345

by cleatsupkeep (#27941655) Attached to: IE Losing 10% Market Share Every Two Years

Agreed, there are drawbacks, but he said he already has 9 gigs, so once you already have it, the drawbacks are now irrelevant. What I was arguing is that it's not bad behavior for a program to use more RAM if you have more. I'm not saying that is what Firefox is doing, but if you have 9 GB's, hell, Firefox can use a Gig if it will cause performance enhancements. The problem comes with you have a gig and a half and firefox is using a gig.

Additionally, 9 GB of RAM and keeping more things in RAM does not use more power than paging things to/from disk. Accessing memory from RAM is much cheaper (power and CPU wise) than getting it from disk, nullifying that argument.

Comment: Re:Yeah, but I don't really like Firefox (Score 1) 345

by cleatsupkeep (#27939827) Attached to: IE Losing 10% Market Share Every Two Years

I am calling bullshit on this. I love firefox but it's definitely a memory hog.7 tabs open and it's at 400mb. Granted I have 9GB of RAM but still.

Then who cares about 400 MB, when you have that kind of RAM to spare. The more data you have stored in RAM => the less you have to page to/from disk => better performance.


Researchers Sniff Keystrokes From Thin Air, Wires 217

Posted by timothy
from the making-a-tempest-of-themselves dept.
narramissic writes "Two separate research teams have found that the electromagnetic radiation that is generated when a computer keyboard is tapped is actually pretty easy to capture and decode. Using an oscilloscope and an inexpensive wireless antenna, the Ecole Polytechnique team was able to pick up keystrokes from virtually any keyboard, including laptops — with 95 percent accuracy over a distance of up to 20 meters. Using similar techniques, Inverse Path researchers Andrea Barisani and Daniele Bianco picked out keyboard signals from keyboard ground cables. On PS/2 keyboards, 'the data cable is so close to the ground cable, the emanations from the data cable leak onto the ground cable, which acts as an antenna,' Barisani said. That ground wire passes through the PC and into the building's power wires, where the researchers can pick up the signals using a computer, an oscilloscope and about $500 worth of other equipment. Barisani and Bianco will present their findings at the CanSecWest hacking conference next week in Vancouver. The Ecole Polytechnique team has submitted their research for peer review and hopes to publish it very soon."

Comment: My Idea For a Football Field (Score 4, Interesting) 261

by cleatsupkeep (#26383439) Attached to: The Technology Behind the Magic Yellow Line

Would be a field that uses clear/transparent turf. and all colors on the field are defined by lights under it. The white in the 10/20/30... could be done dynamically, the end zones could be designed dynamically and relit, heck, you could switch from a green field to Boise State's blue.

This could be used to make the same field a football field, soccer field, lacrosse, field hockey... all without the the clutter of all the lines on one field.

This might be tricky with turf technology currently, but I feel like a first technology to do this might be a basketball court (lights for basketball, volleyball, etc)...

It probably isn't feasible, but would be interesting.

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