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Comment User Interfaces (Score 1) 501

Vinyl is an interesting one.... the DJs...just want the good user interface, because this is a musical instrument to them.

This reminded me of the real reason I'm not using a digital camera: the user interface.

Perhaps if I learned to work with a really good auto-focus system I'd like it, but at the moment I prefer manual focus with a focus scale and depth-of-field indicators. (I use scale focus surprisingly often, and not just for setting the hyperfocal distance.) Many modern digital (and even many 35mm) cameras lack the focus scale, DOF indication, and comfortable controls of the older (non-auto-focus) 35mm cameras.

And I've yet to see anything with the fantastic metering interface of an Olympus OM-3 or OM-4. That's the only camera I've ever found where I can shoot practically as fast in full manual mode as I can in auto-exposure mode. (I can spot-meter three or four points, adjust shutter speed and aperture and take the shot within a few seconds, usually.) I don't have to give up the control I get with manual mode and multiple spot-meter readings in order to get speed.

If I could get that in digital, then I'd start being tempated to switch.

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