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+ - Microsoft pays companies to use LiveSearch

Submitted by
tsa writes "On John Battelle's Searchblog there is a piece about how Microsoft pays companies to not only have them use MS's Live Search engine, but also get information about the amount of users and PC's in the company. Companies get paid a fee per PC. The height of the fee depends on the usage of the MS LiveSearch engine. The use of IE7 is mandatory for this, because MS wants the companies to use a plugin for this browser to be able to keep track of the user's searching habits. If you ask me, this is bribery."

+ - High School Student Builds Fusion Reactor

Submitted by
deblau writes "In 2006 Thiago Olson joined the extremely sparse ranks of amateurs worldwide who have achieved nuclear fusion with a home apparatus. In other words, he built the business end of a hydrogen bomb in his basement. A bright plasma "star in a jar" demonstrated his success. "The temperature of the plasma is around 200 million degrees," Olson says modestly, "several times hotter than the core of the sun.""

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