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Comment: Get it (Score 1) 834

by ciryon (#27904097) Attached to: Go For a Masters, Or Not?

" Is a masters in computer engineering better than two years of experience at a company?"

No, but you should get a masters degree anyway since it'll make it much easier to get your first job and it's actually "proof" of knowledge much more so than work experience. That said, you'll probably learn a whole lot more during your first two years working than the entire time studying.

Comment: For continuos integration servers! (Score 2, Interesting) 118

by ciryon (#26862849) Attached to: Reverse Engineering a Missile Launcher Toy's Interface

I am seriously considering to hook up one of these USB Missile Launchers to our continuos integration server at work. When someone checks in code that doesn't compile or breaks tests the launcher targets the offending developer (using pre-determined login aiming mapping) and fires a couple of rounds at him. That'll certainly increase code quality!

Comment: Not blocked yet (Score 1) 319

by ciryon (#26714461) Attached to: Apple's Terms No Longer Allow ITMS Purchases Outside of US

I just tried and American iTunes Store is still not blocked in Europe at least. I somehow fail to see that I'm doing something criminal when I buy music and shows from American iTunes using "gift cards", instead of pirating the goods from a torrent site, which would have been the only viable alternative.


+ - iPhone unlocked for use on European carriers->

Submitted by
fdmendez writes "Thanks to a Macedonian hacker and the iPhone hacking team at Hackint0sh, the Apple iPhone is now usable on the other side of the pond. All you need to unlock the iPhone for use with a European carrier is a SIM reader/writer, V1Comp SIM card, and a SilverCard smart card.

You'll need to download some software and go through a relatively lengthy modification process that'll probably void your warranty, but you don't have to crack open the phone. It's all software and SIM card related. The tutorial has been copied..."

Link to Original Source

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