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Comment: Re:Energy companies will fight this report (Score 3, Informative) 605

by ciclano (#42114801) Attached to: Seas Rising Faster Than Projected

Energy or oil? If to defeat the much less powerfull tobaco industry misinformation war took 50 years. Oil companies have much more money and resources.
We must demand that the oil companies collect the garbage generated by the product they sell just as happens with batteries and tires.

Comment: Please help me to understand (Score 1) 518

by ciclano (#42052803) Attached to: Climate Contrarians Seek Leadership of House Science Committee

Not sure I understand the debate of global warming. To me it looks like the following:

Evidence: the earth is warming, no one disagrees.

Hypothesis 1 - The cause is the emission of greenhouse gases generated by human activity such as fossil fuel burning and agriculture.

Hypothesis 2 - It is a natural cycle that has no known cause ...

Is that right?

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