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Comment: Drupal (Score 1) 565

by chx1975 (#33105826) Attached to: How Can an Old-School Coder Regain His Chops?
While Drupal is PHP and as such some here will snicker at it if your motives for reentering the field is profit then this is where the money is. The global demand for good Drupal coders is WAY higher than the supply and if you are a seasoned hacker, learning PHP is almost just adding $ signs before the variable names in C and getting used to the server-browser separation. Good senior software engineers who know how to deliver instead of being a junior code monkey are even rarer.

Pacific Trash Vortex To Become Habitable Island? 323

Posted by samzenpus
from the welcome-to-malignancy-island dept.
thefickler writes "The Pacific Ocean trash dump is twice the size of Texas, or the size of Spain combined with France. The Pacific Vortex, as it is sometimes called, is made up of four million tons of plastic. Now, there's a proposal to turn this dump into 'Recycled Island.' The Netherlands Architecture Fund has provided the grant money for the project, and the WHIM architecture firm is conducting the research and design of Recycled Island. One of the three major aims of the project is to clean up the floating trash by recycling it on site. Two, the project would create new land for sustainable habitation complete with its own food sources and energy sources. Lastly, Recycled Island is to be a seaworthy island. While at the moment the project is still more or less a pipe dream, it's great that someone is trying to work out what to do with one of humanity's most bizarre environmental slip-ups."

Comment: How can this problem even exist? (Score 1) 119

by chx1975 (#32877552) Attached to: Long-Term Liability For One-Time Security Breaches?
The chain of events should look like: you go into a bank and ID yourself with a piece of government issued photo id. Then you can open an account or get a mortgage. Otherwise, you can't. Next up, to do a credit transaction when the card is not physically present, you get a text on your mobile phone that you need to send back. Everyone has a goddamned mobile phone capable of sending messages. By the way? This is how it works in many European countries. Also, for online purchases, virtual cards especially one-time virtual card numbers should be used...

Comment: Re:context of use not considered? (Score 1) 973

by chx1975 (#32797058) Attached to: A Composer's-Eye View of the Copyright Wars
Hm. I make living off free software so I am the last person who would advocate heavily for paid software. But, then again who the fuck you think you are to say "no software worths $1000"? If the software compared to a free one allows me to earn just $2000 more in, say, a year -- which is not unheard of because paid software often has better UX, compare OmniGraffle to Dia for christ's sake -- then how investing that $1000 was not the right choice??

Comment: Sans Digital TowerRAID TR8M (Score 1) 609

by chx1975 (#32217286) Attached to: Best Solutions For Massive Home Hard Drive Storage?
This puppy can be had for 200 bucks and hosts 8 disks off 2 SATA ports. You can easily host two of these with practically any PC that has 4 internal SATA ports as brackets are readily available. I have even seen low profile brackets which carry 4 SATA ports to the outside via an SFF-8470 connector and then a breakout cable is again readily avaible. Even Mini-ITX boards tend to have 4 SATA ports these days. Drobo clone recipe based on ZFS

+ - Whitehouse CIO on Open Source in Government->

Submitted by kbahey
kbahey (102895) writes "The North American DrupalCon 2010 was held in San Francisco from 19 to 21 April with about 3,000 attendees. The highlight of the conference was the keynote by David Cole, CIO for the Whitehouse, on Open Source in government. The link has a video of the talk and a panel with the New York State Senate CIO, Andrew Hoppin.

As reported before on Slashdot, the Whitehouse is a Drupal user since October 2009."

Link to Original Source

Comment: Re:captain obvious (Score 1) 366

by chx1975 (#29709343) Attached to: Warez Moving From BitTorrent to Conventional Hosting Services
What do you pay for? You do not pay to download warez. You pay for the capability to download. As long as there is any legal stuff to download, it's fine and there always be. If these services do not happen to hold a record of what particular usernames download, then there is no evidence what so ever.

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