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Comment: Re:Their Clothing (Score 2, Informative) 1065

by chuesk3 (#15618349) Attached to: What Do Geek Squad Technicians Actually Do?
The Geek Squad do wear clip-ons (I suspect it has to do with a stereotypical nerd motif, short-sleeved white shirts, black clip on tie, calls to mind crewcuts, horn-rimmed glasses, and pocket protectors a la Reveng of the Nerds].) A friend of mine is/was a Geek Squad tech. Mostly he's snide and more than a bit insulting to customers, and he gets a Best-Buy flash drive that looks like a stripped-down version of a "Techie Toolz" CD. I know my buddy can fix most stuff, he's an even better hardware tech then I (and I have a "real" computer job!) However, I know several of his co-workers as well, and those guys couldn't even figure out how to take a processor off of a mobo, let alone hack anything more than a hairball.

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