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Comment: Re:So long Flash, now get the hell out (Score 1) 117 117

Right now is Flasg superior? Yes. But that's my point. We as the web development community need to change that. We need to push vendors for better support for newer technologies. We need to make things better ourselves by using these newer technologies. If we work at it, we can get rid of Flash. I think it's necessary. Who enjoys building a website and dealing with Flash? I don't. I'd much rather use Javascript and other technologies.

Comment: So long Flash, now get the hell out (Score 1) 117 117

I'm all for the demise of Flash. It is a necessary evil but let's get rid of it. This could be one way. HTML5 may or may not be the way to go, that is yet to be seen. However this is the open web people. Do we not have enough technology to build something on the web that will do what Flash does and maybe even run Flash content? With this and Gordon it seems we are getting there. The primary roadblock in my opinion will be security issues and accessing the local computer's hard drive. Aside from that anything done in Flash can now be done with current web technologies.

Comment: Re:Definition of 'Brick'? (Score 1) 510 510

No, this article is not fully accurate. Well, the title isn't at least. Some consoles have been bricked as they won't turn on but who knows if they had a modchip or otherwise illegal modification to them. Most systems are not bricked but do have the above issues. All I know is I won't update mine until Geohot comes up with some type of workaround. Here's to hoping Geohot or someone else becomes the PS3 version of the great DarkAlex.

Comment: Re:Par for the course? (Score 1) 510 510

Well, once rooted you can't brick it. However, until you flash the recovery image theoretically it can still be bricked. Besides, even with the recovery image flashed flashing a bad radio image can brick it too. But for the most part your right. The point is though that you still need to root the device in the first place. The only devices I know of that you can flash anything you want on right from the get go are OpenMoko phones.

Comment: Re:Oh man (Score 1) 260 260

Thank you so much for this comment sir or madam. More of my fellow Americans need to think like foreigners. People we need to realize that, like many other cases, more freedoms do not give us more security. The growth of government since Clinton left office has grown tremendously. Bush and Obama are both taking away ALL of our freedoms. We all need to wake up already!

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