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Comment yahoo!!! (Score 1) 245

Yahoo,hummm, tried them early on, did not like, will not use yahoo anymore. I fact, I was asked to use facebook, don't like them either, am about to unload them, too. It is like "texting", a total distraction and unsafe for any driver. I think I will remain with html, e-mail, and my blog (which I have neglected to keep up). I have no use for all the toys of Microsoft. In fact, I have had problems with meta on xhtml as on Bluefish and have gone back to html 4.01 without meta at all, but do use CSS. Too much junk is a bane to we dinosaurs.

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Journal Journal: Comcast to TimeWarner migration issues

In early March, I received email from TimeWarner informing me that it was time to migrate my web pages from Comcast to TimeWarner. I was assured that tools were available to automatically perform this migration, with a pointer to the migration tool. I read the associated FAQ file from, which explained that the web pages would be moved in their entirety, including the usename and password, from the Comcast server to the Roadrunner server. Since the migration procedure seemed to be

Submission + - China bans porn messages and pics to phones

Awksjaw writes: Chinese police are warning mobile users to think again before sending pornographic pictures or text messages from their phones. Anyone caught sending explicit messages could face a fine of 3,000 yuan ($388) and up to two weeks in prison.

If you are caught selling mucky mobile content you could spend up to three years in prison.

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