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Comment: not about the hardware (Score 1) 263

by chrwei (#28380537) Attached to: Nvidia Lauds Windows CE Over Android For Smartbooks

This is about software and the user interface being useful on a device of the target size and purpose. Android's target is smartphones not things that resemble the offspring of a PDA and ultra-portable laptop and the UI simple doesn't scale to anything bigger than a phone. WinCE's target has always been embedded systems, which do actually resemble these little PC-like devices, especially in the core hardware.

And just for the record, Windows CE and Windows Mobile are not the same. WM is based on the CE core, but they are no more the same than WinXP and the first gen x86 based XBox are.

Comment: Finally someone gets a punishment... (Score 1) 546

by chrwei (#24957129) Attached to: Automated News Crawling Evaporates $1.14B

...for not dating stuff on their site. I'm constantly running across information that is certainly authoritative, but since there is no indication of when the page content was updated there's no way to know whether or not it's accurate. With today's product life cycles in the tech industry a date is crucial for accuracy of information.

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