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Comment: no it wont (Score -1) 345

by chronoss2010 (#36210548) Attached to: Will Graphene Revolutionize the 21st Century?
cause corporate greedy ones control it and they will extract whatever value and leave consumers paying more and more.

there was a time when technology used to make life better and cheaper , not any more. I think that is the goal to make every thing so expensive we stop using it and then they can control us.

WELL if everyone stopped watching tv and cable and satellite too that would be the end of the democracy as we have it as you'd not have any ability of govt to get any messages out too. ITS coming and its coming faster and faster.

/me goes puts up his solar array and checks the wind mill and then heads off to his self sustaining garden. ENJOY IT SUCKERS FASCISM IS KILLING YOU NOW.

Comment: FACTS (Score -1) 361

by chronoss2010 (#36105264) Attached to: BSA 2010 Piracy Report: $58.8 Billion
if i have 1000$ and dont spend it on holly fuck that money dont disappear to no goes to johnny the shoe maker, and kraft dinner makers of fine cheap food. ITS all a tax on life these days, so get it how ya can fuck em all. THEY wold screw there own mothers in a heart beat for a buck and often do. SO you might as well join the darkside and get the fuck to it.

Comment: answer (Score -1) 57

by chronoss2010 (#36098646) Attached to: NASA Satellite Snaps First Image of Target Asteroid
A) impacts are not desired cause if say its a large asteroid and breaks into 4 parts of say 150meters in size thats 4 impacts at different parts of earth that will cause serious damage instead of one giant one ....this is why that isnt what we want. B) were not really concerned with 200m asteroids but ones larger that 200meter one we could blow up to tiny 30 meter rocks that burn up or are so small as to be no impact. think 400-500meter world enders also if you dont know the composition of said asteroid you might only break a smal piece away and you could alter the course to be even worse then you wanted. WHATS a better idea is to send a craft with a rocket or serious of them and nudge it to alter the course right into the sun ....

Somebody's terminal is dropping bits. I found a pile of them over in the corner.