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Comment: Re: Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis (Score 1) 208

by John Howell (#48098059) Attached to: Ross Ulbricht's Lawyer Says FBI's Hack of Silk Road Was "Criminal"
Obviously why NZ the government found the police were using an illegal surveillance technique, so they just made it legal, then backdated the law to take effect just before the first known use of this video surveillance. Hey presto, no day in court for those responsible.

Comment: Re: This is typical of the "Jobs era" Apple (Score 1) 135

by John Howell (#48060983) Attached to: Apple To Face $350 Million Trial Over iPod DRM
Because it is more than just getting your songs onto the device. It's playlist management, and the metadata it syncs, making songs and podcast you played as played in itued too. I just wish they would remove rest of the i device synching to an always running service so I don't have to keep itunes open All the time just to sync my phone.

Comment: Re: I smell a rat. (Score 1) 115

by John Howell (#47380869) Attached to: Use of Encryption Foiled the Cops a Record 9 Times In 2013
And that is why there is protection against compelled disclosure of keys. Can you prove someone hant forgotten a password? What if like true crypts double volume, they just gave cops the key to the volume with nothing on it? What if it needed a kefile that has now been deleted or changed?

Comment: Re: tldr (Score 1) 490

by John Howell (#46588859) Attached to: Are DVDs Inconvenient On Purpose?
Here in NZ we have Quickflix who have no content worth watching for streaming and for DVD/bluray deliveries. I get 4 disks a month, 2 at a time. I often don't have the time to watch them when I get them, so I rip them to watch on my PLEX anyway. And they might be worried about the streams being ripped? If they provided a stream I could legally access anywhere just like my PLEX, I'd use it.

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