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Comment: Cost of iPads (Score -1) 372

I would guess every pilot would get an iPad. Sounds like a good plan, but Allied Pilots association says there are over 10,000 american airlines pilots.. So if an iPad and accessories cost $600 each, you are looking at 6 million dollar investment to save 1.2 million dollars. I hope they plan to keep those iPads for over 4 years.. Otherwise, I don't get the savings..

Comment: Re:Misleading title (Score -1) 69

by chrispix (#40748433) Attached to: Aussie Judge Declares Apple-Samsung Patent Battles "Ridiculous"
I think you are spot on.. It is about the fees, and Apple probably wants a fee comparable to what they got out of foxconn. I bet their costs are not much over foxconn costs, foxconn is making money on volume, and apple is raking it in on volume + markup. They are used to getting their way in contract negotiations, and seems that if it is not cheap enough, they cry foul.

Comment: No other choice? (Score -1) 406

by chrispix (#39047873) Attached to: AT&T On Data Throttling: Blame Yourselves
Seems that their other choice would be expanding their capacity. I would also wonder if their users are equally distributed across the month. If they have most users billing cycles start at a certain point of the month, I would expect there to be a huge spike in traffic after their throttle was removed. Or maybe they should ask Apple to help expand their network infrastructure..

Comment: I installed Tyvek Therma Wrap (Score -1) 358

by chrispix (#35818358) Attached to: New Houses Killing Wi-Fi
When we built our home, I had Tyvek Therma Wrap put around my house, not only does it manage moisture, it also is a radiant barrier. Similar what I have on my roof. My wifi signal inside my house is fine. Going outside it drops off pretty quickly, but makes for some better security (not being able to war-drive past my house). It also prevents me from getting a good cell signal inside my house. Sometimes nice to not be reachable.

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