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Journal Journal: Shit day, what about you?

Just lost my job. Bugger.

We were expecting the news today, one by one each of the staff that where to be made redundant were called to a meeting room to be told.

As a contractor, I was expecting to lose my job, then the news comes around at 4ish, that everyone still standing is safe.

So there I am working late (as usual), and some guy (who manages a team I don't work for, who I have talked to a grand total of about five times), must have pulled the short straw, because at 5:45 he wondered on up and let me know that my contract was being terminated. Shit.

Oh well I guess this gives me more time to waste on Slashdot. Is that a silver lining? Or am I just making the cloud bigger?

Did I remember to say bugger?

Bugger :(

Anyone got a contract for a Technical Architect/Senior Java Developer in London? (Yes, I'm in the UK)

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Journal Journal: So here I am... 1

So here I am, I can't metamoderate, as the Perl script seems to be missing, so I start doing some investigating...
So what do I find?
Well it would seem that I'm one of the good guys, I finally have good Karma :)
Only another year or two and I may have Excellent Karma!
Then I find out you can be mailed if a friend has updated their journal, so I thought, what the hell, if anyone is listening...
Hear me roar :)
Righto, I'm off to see if I can metamoderate yet.

We're living in a golden age. All you need is gold. -- D.W. Robertson.