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Comment Alternative explanation. (Score 0) 374

How about Porsche being Apple only because that is what some brain dead "beautiful person" wants to do to keep the cool factor in their cars?

After all, if Android devices were allowed near their new baby, it would loose dome of its exclusivity now that 90% of new phones would work in it instead of 10 and falling, People who have an iThing because it shows that they are potential executives would shun this as would anyone who felt that appearance was more important than capability.

If you want to lower your sales, an easier answer is to raise your price.

Comment The Zilog mini computer... (Score 4, Insightful) 162

Must have been a Zilog System 8000. Probably a model 21, as that was dorm fridge sized. The 31 and 32 were the size of a full size refrigerator.

Ran a Z8000 series processor at 10 MHz, and had about 8MB (if you were lucky) RAM. The hard drives were about 40MB and had an SMD interface.

They ran ZEUS, which was Zilog's System III variant.

I loved ours.

Comment They have lied before... (Score 1) 288

I believe that, in the past, Microsoft lied about certain updates as to whether they were vital security updates or not,
They could just as easily lie in the future and force down something that helps them keep a better eye on us but label it as vital security.

Any non-IT person would normally be well advised to have the system automatically install security updates. Those of us who are may have to trust MS as our particular area of expertise does not include what "this" update is supposed to fix. Does everyone here check everything anyway? Life is busy...

I have come across so many idiots who think that all you need is education and caution and you don't need A/V. Please keep it up guys. it's sometimes really funny.

"Now this is a totally brain damaged algorithm. Gag me with a smurfette." -- P. Buhr, Computer Science 354