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Comment: When I Google someone (Score 1) 183

by Gonoff (#48474989) Attached to: Google Told To Expand Right To Be Forgotten

I need to be able to look up all information about someone. If I didn't, I wouldn't need the internet. I would just ask them to attach anything they felt I should know to their application.

So if they break Google, I will need another search engine. It may need to be run from somewhere outside the control of the EU, USA, NSA, FBI and so on..
Perhaps there is someone in Russia who knows about computers?

I'll stick to the EU over the USA though. Less militaristic and their silliest ideas are aimed for human beings and against corporates. At least they want us to think they are trying...

Comment: Re:yes but we're a group of islands in the Atlanti (Score 1) 89

by Gonoff (#48473531) Attached to: WaveNET – the Floating, Flexible Wave Energy Generator

... people get protective about windfarms getting built on land

The problem sometimes is that the people from the location are all for it but NIMBYs are brought in specially.

I Come from further north than Aberdeen. In Orkney, we have had wind turbines for decades but various people would come from central or southern England and try to drum up opposition. I once had some on my (parents) doorstep. They told me about the harm that these things would do to me and how noisy they were. I declined and they moved on. I don't remember a single friend or relative who was interested in their stories.

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by Gonoff (#48473493) Attached to: WaveNET – the Floating, Flexible Wave Energy Generator

I know. Van Braun had so many of his V1 rockets crash into England before we finally managed to get a rocket into space!

That's a new one! I only knew about the pulse jet propelled V1s. The only WWII Von Braun rockets most of us had heard of were the V2s.

As far as is known, no rocket propelled V1s ever crashed into England, or anywhere else for that matter.
Perhaps they all went into space....

Comment: Re:In Finland (Score 1) 509

by sconeu (#48470755) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Why Is the Power Grid So Crummy In So Many Places?

Follow up to parent.

DISCLAIMER: IANA Structural Engineer.

I live in Los Angeles. The point of the building codes here is NOT that the structure be undamaged by a quake, but rather that the struct not collapse during a quake. It can be as severely damaged as all get out, but if it doesn't collapse, then the occupants have a much better chance of survival.

I always tell people, the safest place to be during a major earthquake is "somewhere else", but if you can't be somewhere else, then you want to be in Southern California. We *know* that the quake is coming, and we build to survive it. For example, where would you rather be during a 7.5 quake: Los Angeles, or St. Louis? STL is sitting on the New Madrid fault, which cut loose with an 8+ quake in the early 1800s.

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