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Comment Re:Why these ideas will not gain traction (Score 2) 284

wait? your point was he hasn't done anything? didn't fix it, didn't move it, it's right back where he got it all fuckered up? If that's winning after 3 1/2 years for you can you be my boss?

Incidentally, he (and the Senate) also have not passed a budget in this time that he's been keeping unemployment right at 8.3% (15.1% depending on the numbers you use).

Comment Re:Why these ideas will not gain traction (Score 2) 284

joblessness at 4 year low
uh, no. The economy didn't crash until Sept/Oct '08. Also the second stimulus, in Obama's own words, was supposed to keep the joblessness rate below 8%. That was 3+ years ago.

... dictators killed..
if you're referring to the Arab spring Obama didn't really do anything. Sure once the UN said it was ok he bombed Libya for a day or 2 then refueled French planes to do it for us (that a big WTF??). And now what do we have? The Muslim Brotherhood controls half of the Mid-East, which many experts think is a proxy for Iran. Good job Mr POTUS!

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