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Comment Hey, MS, give them to people who will use them! (Score 4, Interesting) 236

I'd happily give a Surface Pro 3 a try if you want to send one my way.

I was considering buying a Surface (some previous-gen ones were on sale for a reasonable price), but was driven away by the extra $$$ for the keyboard/case and the lack of decent apps in the Windows 8 store... there's a whole lot of crap there, and not a lot of things I'd like to use.

Comment Re:Agreed (Score 3, Insightful) 574

I call this sort of interviewing "Tech Trivial Pursuit"; it's stupid, it won't give you any indication of how the person is going to work out in your team, and it doesn't give any indication of how someone produces a real solution to your actual problems.

It just tells you how quickly someone can come up with a reasonable solution in an interview, and/or how quickly they can remember the solution to your problem that they read in one of the "How to Interview at Google" books.

It's worse when the people interviewing you aren't from the team you'll be working in. I feel bad for those teams... they're going to get someone who's good at answering interview puzzle questions, but maybe they're entirely impossible to work with, or total assholes in day to day situations.

Yeah, yeah, Google's very successful and rich. But it's not because of their broken interview process.

Comment Re:Wonder what brand is best now... Intel? (Score 1) 101

Toshiba's on the slower end of the scale, but Apple uses them, so they can't be TOO bad.

I wouldn't use that as an indicator of quality; my old MacBook Pro (the Core Duo ones where you could easily change battery/RAM/disk) featured "wonderful" Hitachi drives that failed ten times (that is, I had ten dead drives in less than six months) until I gave up on Apple's replacements and just ordered a Seagate.

The Macintosh is Xerox technology at its best.