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Comment: Re:GOG was great, but Steam is easier (Score 5, Insightful) 326

by chris411 (#33631234) Attached to: DRM-Free Games Site Gone

Having purchased games from both GOG and Steam, I'd pick GOG over Steam any day. I'd argue that Steam made it more complicated, if only because they force you to install and use a client. And then it forces me to download the game again if I choose to uninstall it from my HD. GOG was a simple download and install, always. I never had to download the game again after uninstalling it, I could just burn it to DVD as is, or move it to another HD.

Comment: Highly recommend reading a comment in the 2nd part (Score 1) 184

by chris411 (#30944884) Attached to: Interview With a Convicted 419 Scammer
From MC's post:

"This John is an unrepentant lad most likely still in the game. Before anyone criticises SD on technique or outcome, read the caveat he placed at the beginning of the article and get a grip on reality. John is a liar who has not reformed in the least. His comments must be treated with great care and a lot of healthy skepticism."

I've noticed some comments here about how the interview sounded fake, or that it was some sort of scam. I do believe that's because "John" is not being truthful. The interviewer not being a trained journalist probably compounds the problem.

Comment: Bell's Games Mania did it years ago (Score 1) 104

by chris411 (#26179947) Attached to: New Game Download Site Offers Play-As-You-Download Service
When I worked for Bell, I got a few tokens for a free game or two. I chose to play Syberia, an adventure game, and it went pretty smoothly. Except for one thing, the system wasn't smart enough to warn me that I didn't have sufficient disk space, so I had to clean up stuff from my HD before I was able to resume the download. It didn't really impact my gameplay otherwise. The other game I tried was a WWII FPS, whose name escapes me. Medal of Honor maybe? That also worked pretty smoothly.

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