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Comment Re:Good for them (Score 2) 191

I just had a crazy thought, what if we provided alternate path to prevent crime before it happens? Rather than giving the incarcerated a free higher education our money should be spent giving the poor and so called "at risk" a higher education. Don't get me wrong I'd love to see everyone, including the incarcerated, get a free education but why should criminals get it above all else? Giving a free education to those in prison is treating the symptom not the cause.

Comment Re:Apple pretty much had to (Score 1) 279

Except you are pretty much paying the full price of the phone, with a car you usually pay around 250 * 24 = 6000 of a 20000 or more car. I can't see leasing if you have to pay the full price only to have the privilege of turing it in in a year or two. Apple is probably going to make cash hand over fist with this because people will be basically buying the phone only to give it back to apple for free so they can refurbish and resell it.

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