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by chris200x9 (#47247495) Attached to: "Super Bananas" May Save Millions of Lives In Africa
Seriously do you know how expensive crap fast food is? I'll buy that poor people need to work more and don't have time to prepare food so they eat crap, but anyone that says good food is unaffordable compared to fast food is just plain wrong. I was at McDonald's and got food for 3 people one of which was a kid and the total was about 19 dollars. "The price of a pound of ground beef has hit $3.55 a pound, a record high even when adjusted for inflation, according to government readings for February. That's up 56% since 2010. The average for round steak is at $5.28, among the highest prices seen in the last 20 years" $3.55 + $4 for a big bag of chips + $2 for a 2 liter of pop = about $10 bucks for a hell of a lot more meat, more pop, and more sides (chips vs fries).

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Not really, you only use games that use steam DRM. If your game is DRM free just back it up, delete steam, double click the binary and watch it launch. Steam itself is just a distribution service not a DRM. Sorry I might be a bit off topic but I'm just really annoyed at the "ZOMG steam is DRM!" crowd at the moment. Steam makes DRM available blame the publishers for using it not steam. No where is a DRM mandate.

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Again, how is this modded 2?! You do get a real person who does have the power to do anything, I once mistakenly downloaded a game for the wrong platform, I asked for a refund and a blacklist of my key. They couldn't blacklist my key but I got a refund anyway. If I've ever gotten a defective product, which happened ONCE, they paid return shipping. Buy a kindle book and don't like it? Refund. Buy an audible book and don't like it? Refund. I honestly think amazon does have the best customer service out there today. Also could you please name even one large corporation out there where you get to talk with a charming, professional, customer service agent? Extra points if you can name one where you can talk to such a person right off the bat without having to jump through a bunch of computerized menu hoops. I very much doubt you can name one, except for y'know amazon.

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