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Comment: Re:Must be nice (Score 5, Informative) 401

by chowells (#41967537) Attached to: Wayback Machine Trumps FOI Tribunal

As of 2006, the licence fee *is* considered a tax.

"Parliament and not Government should set the level of the licence fee. In January 2006, the Office of National Statistics classified the licence fee as a tax for the first
time. We are very concerned about the consequences that this decision will have for the BBC’s independence."

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by chowells (#40788161) Attached to: Flight 4590 Didn't Kill the Concorde; Costs Did

No, Concorde *was* really loud. I used to live around 40 miles west of Heathrow, under the flightpath of Concorde. I don't know what speed an altitude Concorde was doing at that point (40 miles gives it a reasonable margin after takeoff to gain some height and speed) but twice a day, inside buildings, conversation would stop because the noise of Concorde drowned out the conversation. Unless you wanted to start shouting at each other.

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