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I just don't follow this reasoning. We're talking about truthful, factual, and legitimate content. If you were a reporter reporting facts, why should I have the "God-given right" to determine what you write about me? Why should I be able to take down a link to an article that I don't hold the copyright to? I shouldn't, because I (or anyone else) don't own "facts" about you. This is a really slippery slope, my friend.

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by chowdahhead (#45992161) Attached to: Controversial Execution In Ohio Uses New Lethal Drug Combination
You're not far off the mark. For short OR procedures, fentanyl is preferred because the onset is faster and the duration is shorter, but hydromorphone can be used. Midazolam is used in conjunction for it's sedative and amnetic properties. This is also still a common combination when patients are mechanically vented. Patients lose complete orientation to what's happening to them before they lose consciousness. The observers' perception that he "suffered" is very unlikely to be the case.

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by chowdahhead (#45120813) Attached to: UK Court Orders Two Sisters Must Receive MMR Vaccine
This is absolutely not true. The varicella vaccine was developed in the last 20 years, with widespread vaccination occuring in the last 10 years. The vast majority of patients suffering from shingles are patients over the age of 55. Chickenpox is the acute infection caused by the initial exposure, and shingles occurs as the flareup of the latent virus, caused by the natural weakening of the aging immune system. The pediatric varicella vaccines have significantly decreased mortality rates--by something like 95%, decreased missing days of school, scarring, and secondary infections. The shingles vaccine prevents the debilitating and potentially permanent neuropathy--which requires lifelong treatment with medications to control symptoms. These vaccines have provided an immeasurable benefit to public health, and one which you will eventually gain an appreciation for.

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by chowdahhead (#45046453) Attached to: Microsoft Reportedly Seeks To Put Windows Phone On Android Devices
Collaborating with Microsoft has historically been the kiss of death, however. I just don't see anything helpful coming out of that--there's certainly no consumer interest in WP and any capital injection would be a short term band-aid. HTC needs to narrowly focus their product line, not target every market segment like Samsung, and build brand recognition. Their hardware is good and their software support has greatly improved. They just need their name and logo out there more, and in a way that people associate with smartphones.

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I didn't read the whole article, but it seems to be a controlled substance prescription database like the one we have in CT--I think we were one of the first states to do this. Prescribers and pharmacists are required to enroll, and information has to be reported to the State, by state law. That information is used to identify prescription drug abuse. We use it fairly regularly in the hospital I practice at when overdose patients arrive, or patients enrolled in a chemical dependency program . This doesn't violate HIPAA because the Act allows disclosure of information to a health oversight agency for oversight activities authorized by law.

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by chowdahhead (#44816149) Attached to: Apple Unveils iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S
We understand this but I don't think Apple's target demographic does (like my Nana, for example). It's a very odd thing for Apple to market. Besides, the current ARMv7 designs are already woefully overpowered for what 99.9% of people use their phones for. ARMv8 cores currently offer no practical or perceivable benefit yet outside of servers--which might be part of the reason no one has really jumped on the Cortex-a57 yet.

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by chowdahhead (#44708539) Attached to: CoreText Font Rendering Bug Leads To iOS, OS X Exploit
I think Android is targeted more because it isn't inherently tied to the Play store, and not so much because of devices not being updated. The app signature verification works for 2.3 and up, which covers 96% of Google's Android devices. Getting malware on a phone or tablet still generally requires installing a malicious app, and it's far easier to be careless about that on Android.

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I'd wager that every sports fan in the world wants this, and Google is best positioned to provide it with the infrastructure they already have in place--they have live streamed events and premium channels on Youtube already. Of course it's a business move, but that doesn't preclude it from being in the best interests of consumers either.

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TV coverage of sports is a mess, and it's a little different than other TV programming. Sometimes sports are blacked out of their local markets, for no reason. Some events are aired over broadcasting networks and some through cable. If your college team isn't in the top 25, you're probably not going to be watching many games on TV, similar to how the coverage of the Olympics truly sucks. There's no reason for this in the age of digital streaming. If Google can break the stranglehold of sports' coverage, it should open the door for competing providers, just like digital music.

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This isn't accurate. Fastboot will only flash something that's signed by the manufacturer, unless the bootloader is unlocked, which won't matter anyway if the device is encrypted. Nexus devices are locked too, and unlocking the bootloader wipes all data, so you still won't get access to anything. ADB sideloading requires ADB to be enabled and the RSA fingerprint of the PC to be accepted.

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