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Comment Re:Mind boggling (Score 1) 798

Perhaps you should actually research US plans before you criticize. I use T-Mobile, and purchased an unlocked Note 2. They sent me a sim card for free. I pay them 50 a month for unlimited talk and text, with NO data plan (I use wifi). I could have gotten the phone on contract and paid less, or I could make make my existing plan cheaper by getting limited minutes or text. I could go prepay. I could choose a whole other company if I want. The only real difference between the US and European markets is that in the US, you can choose to let a cell phone company screw you over in exchange for a lower up front hardware price. Sounds pretty free to me.

Comment Re:"Designers" are taking over. That's the problem (Score 1) 443

So were they prioritizing design and engineering when they released the iphone without several pieces of basic functionality like: folders, copy/paste, changing backgrounds, OTA updates, etc? Granted, they fixed it later, but it shows that Apple has come to prioritize design over functionality. Don't kid yourself.

Comment Re:gmail issues (Score 1) 619

That isn't a problem or a bug, gmail was designed that way. I use that particular feature for filtering mail. I just put the dot in a different place depending on who I am providing the email address to. You can then set up filters based on the incoming mail address. I think its pretty handy.

Comment video? (Score 1) 619

Will this box somehow record video data as well? Lots of accidents are caused by people running stop lights/signs. Better record the inside of the car too just to be sure the driver wasn't texting or anything. While they are at it, they should probably record audio data as well.
Seriously though, where does it end?

Comment Re:Because industry knows best (Score 1) 666

With the exception of software, everything you are citing came about due to consumer demand. Most people don't want a stick shift. Most laymen feel that if there fridge/washer/drier/etc. is connected to the internet, it will make their lives more efficient. It's not as if the industry doesn't spend millions on market research and sales pattern analysis. The industries, no matter which one, will sell consumers what they want (or at least what a consumer thinks they want). They determine this either through market research or through actual sales. The same doesn't always apply to software because "average people" don't really understand software all that well.
Even if something comes with a feature you don't like "standard", you are always welcome to use something else. You can buy a car with a manual transmission, you can buy appliances that aren't internet connected, and you don't have to use Adobe products to read PDFs.

Comment Re:"License" (Score 1) 342

It's less about the people and more about Congress being owned by corporations. They would never do anything to upset their overlords, less they risk not getting enough "donations" to win the next election. This is the same reason the T-Mobile sale will go through. Even though it's not good for the consumer, AT&T has donated ALOT of money over the past few years. I'm sure someone will scratch their backs.

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