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+ - Script Kiddie Foils Microsoft

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "A forum user (going by the handle Computer User) over at keznews has successfully created a brute force keygen for Microsoft Windows Vista. Within hours, the news had spread like wildfire to all corners of the internet, garnering public reaction ranging from disbelief to praise. Computer User shortly thereafter posted a statement of regret for 'hacking' Microsoft's unhackable validation. Sarcasm or sincerity?"

+ - How safe is my webmail?

Submitted by
gnkieffer writes "Recently a tiny number of GMail users lost their mailbox content. Apparently Google was able to restore most (or all?) of the e-mails from their backup systems.
I wonder what security measures webmail providers like Yahoo or Hotmail are taking to secure their customer's e-mails; tape backups? RAIDs? do they backup live or once a week? This seems to be a subject no one wants to talk about. Until now I guess that webmail losses have been something like thousand times less frequent than... let's say hard drive crashes, so one could say that webmail is *very* safe.
Still, e-mail providers advertise with big storage space and lifelong e-mail addresses but I have not seen one praising with e-mail safety."

+ - Massive Aussie bank tests Google Apps

Submitted by daria42
daria42 (866794) writes "Australia's largest bank (the Commonwealth Bank of Australia) today confirmed it had evaluated Google's hosted office productivity suite for its 40,000+ users and found it wanting. "At this time, there is insufficient product capability in the Google product to be adequate for us for our desktops," the bank said."

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