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Comment Re:More than just support (Score 1) 666

Have you even tried? I think you'd find most of these install just fine on a CentOS box.

More than I care for. And much of the time, they didn't work, "even." Sure is nice to have a support engineer get it to work while I focus on making revenue instead of farting around with an arguably shitty re-spin.

Comment More than just support (Score 1) 666

Try getting Emulex HBA drivers, Mellanox InfiniBand drivers, and many other "enterprise" hardware drivers, etc. to work with CentOS. The manufacturers won't support those using CentOS over RHEL (which they're made for usually with RH's cooperation). Oracle will also laugh at CentOS users. But then yes, there is support, and my experience with RHEL support engineers has been impeccable.

If it's worth hacking on well, it's worth hacking on for money.