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Comment Re:No, no. Let's not go there. Please. (Score 2) 937

Ahh total bullshit. I am as atheist as they come and I don't feel the need to join an 'atheist club' or bore people to death with my atheistness. That would just be carrying on the worst habits of religious nutters in my opinion. Incidentally, I reckon most religious people would shit themselves if they realised just how many people were atheist beyond those who insist on turning atheism into a quasi religion.

Comment Re:This is very Subjective. (Score 1) 382

I find it completely the opposite way. The games I used to play were so great that I played them until I broke them, until they were what I saw when I closed my eyes, and I can still go back to them today and genuinely enjoy them, even though I have tired myself out on them. The problem I have is I find it hard to find anything that measures up to those experiences and memories. 300 people can work on a game for 3 years and yet I can play it for 3 minutes and think "For fucks sake, this is just boring".

Comment Re:Free as in Google Search is Free? (Score 1) 75

Wahhh wahh wahh I want it free and no strings attached and delivered to my door and everything to be done for me me me me me!

Of course it is free, there is no money changing hands, that is what 'free' means in this context. Free at the point of delivery. But there is a classical barter going on here. They do something for you, you in return do something for them. They aren't fucking touching you in special places, they are just encouraging you to translate some poxy sentences from one language to the other. You in return get to use your obviously immensely undervalued brain power to learn something useful. Try to whinge about it when they actually are trying to put one over on you, it makes you look like less of a twat.

Comment I heartily concur with your assessment. (Score 4, Funny) 392

Javascript "Apps" are the reason I just had to replace my perfectly serviceable 10 year old Athlon XP machine before it physically broke down from exhaustion. Every machine I have had before I have had the pleasure of using until it caught fire from overuse. The smell of burning capacitors is still fresh in my nostrils after all these years. Fuck Apps. Fuck them in the anus with a cactus. And for that matter, fuck my spell checker for insisting that it should be written as "JavaScript".

Comment Re:BBC pushed for tortue after 9/11 (Score 1) 325

You're a total dork. Most of the world population WANTS Korea to re-unifiy. They want Korea to re-unify, shut the fuck up with the tit-for tat squabbling over 60 year old bullshit and actually have some sort of healthy stable relationship with the rest of the world, without seeming like it might explode at any instant. Do you know what an unstable neighbour is? A fucking liability, that is what. Look at Germany. We basically leveled the country, then the Russians decided they wanted to cut it in half. Did it actually solve any problem? NO, and I am delighted that the dickbag politicians involved got bored of that charade and let the country re-constitute itself.

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