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Comment Re:Passport numbers?!?!? (Score 1) 159

Also, the countries that get the highest number of American visitors didn't require a passport to visit until after the 9/11 fiasco. I've been to Mexico and Canada several times each where all that was needed was a drivers license. Today you need a passport to do the same.

Comment Re:high HB1 minwage as well maybe even forced OT p (Score 3, Interesting) 344

What do you think of the idea of mandating that workers on H1B must be paid at least 3% higher salary than domestic workers - just to offset things affiliated with relocation costs. This would get rid of the motivation to import foreigners for no other reason than finding someone that will work for less, and could motivate the companies to invest in training the employees they have in the skills they need.

Comment Re:Unionize (Score 1) 344

Perhaps this sort of discussion is what unions need to start taking into consideration when planning their actions. My own experience with a union was that their only purpose seemed to be being a thorn in the side of the company, and used providing services to the employees as a cover. Granted, the company also treated us like crap - so we all felt like hobbits caught between two fighting storm giants. That may or may not be just a side effect of how any organization needed to behave in order to deal with an extremely large telecommunications monopoly, but what afflicts one large union structure is likely to afflict another. In any case, if unions started moderating their actions with a bit more consideration for the secondary effects on the workers, perhaps that would change the perception by the younger crowds that they are out of control or that they haven't done anything for us lately.

Comment Re:Sucked into jet engine, subsequent encounter (Score 1) 232

Almost, but not quite: A sequela (UK /skwil/, US /skwl/; usually used in the plural, sequelae) is a pathological condition resulting from a disease, injury, therapy, or other trauma. Typically, a sequela is, in medical language, a chronic condition that is a complication of an acute condition that begins during that acute condition.

If an initial encounter was for something like getting stitches for a laceration, a subsequent visit would be for getting those stitches removed. The sequela would be for treating a resulting infection. Where I work, we've had ICD-10 codes available for use by our clients for the majority of this year, though we just got database updates for changes in them that will be going into effect on the first. It's kind of a muddle right now because of all the foot-dragging in the required start date: the analytics packages have been requiring ICD-10 for a while to attest for MU, so a lot of people are more confused by the repeated postponements. That and they don't want to update until they have to, and still record some stuff in ICD-9.

Comment Re:Government shutdown ahoy (Score 4, Informative) 404

My own financial health is far more threatened by outsourcing, H1-B visas, and the threat of removing my affordable healthcare than immigrants (those people this country was built out of), and the Americans in the cars around me each day are many hundreds of times more likely to kill me than any Muslim terrorist. America suffers more Christian terrorist attacks every year than Muslim terrorist attacks within our borders, but since Christians are the majority in this country, the news refuses to phrase it that way.

Comment Re: Why does the FBI continue to engage in witchcr (Score 1) 262

The problem with disciplining people for trying to beat a bullshit technology to detect lies is that their evidence of the person trying to beat the machine is also based upon the same bullshit technology. If you can't trust the machine to reliably deliver on its primary function, you sure as hell can't prove anything for results derived from it.

Comment Re:Stealing? (Score 1) 241

Product placement is usually done in an unintrusive manner - they don't have the characters go off on wild tangents extolling the virtues of the product. Ads aren't bad because they're ads, they're bad when they get in the way of what you're trying to do, and do things that are harmful.

Comment Stealing? (Score 4, Interesting) 241

It's stealing the same way that using the restroom when a TV show has a commercial break is stealing. Can they really blame people for defending themselves when they are constantly barraged with out-of-control ads that track users, install malware, block the actual content, and play difficult-to-stop audio that's not related to the actual content? I see them as no different than if the ads played before movies started showing up on the side walls of the theater while the movie is playing, and sometimes in the middle of the screen while the movie is still playing. And they send people into the theater to try and pick your pocket and leave ads in place of your wallet. Sure, the theater would make a good living taking money from those people for being allowed in - but they will still be driven out of business if all the customers stop showing up because of it.

Comment Re:Demand-actuated intersection (Score 1) 696

You're right about them not being able to detect motorcycles. I had a co-worker that told me all the guys in his MC purchase magnets that are placed on the underside of the motorcycle and give them a boost in being detected, since a motorcycle just doesn't contain enough ferrous metal. Of course bicycles aren't going to trigger any of them, and the same magnets most likely will not be strong enough on their own to trigger them.

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