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Comment Re:Hard to be optimistic about Hungary (Score 1) 129 129

You are reading that correctly, they plan to spend 12 billion (or thousand million) forints on that. By the way they plan to spend the same amount of money on MS and Novell softwares, which they already did in the previous years. I think it is not extraordinary in Hungary that they spend that much money, when the country has a financial problem, this country can be so weird sometimes.

Comment Re:Permanent storage through integrated circuits (Score 1) 1044 1044

As for the EM shielding you should not only use a Faraday cage as it only protects from electrostatic field, but also some kind of material which can absorb magnetic fields by generating eddy currents. It might have critical importance if you use thumb drives or hard drives.

You will lose an important tape file.