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Comment doesn't solve the problem (Score 1) 1089 1089

Lack of interest in voting is primarily caused by poor choice of candidates. Trying to chose the lesser of two evils is such a hassle. Source: my opinion. In Australia we have compulsary voting, it just wastes my time ... I have to walk to the voting place, wait in lines, look at various party billboards full of empty promises, just to get my name ticked off a list to avoid a fine...all just to drop an empty ballot.... The problem is even if you are lucky enough to find a politician with wonderful sounding promises, there is the track record of election campaign promises to remember....

Comment personal experiences (Score 1) 700 700

As I was homeschooled, my person experience - it was excellent. As for arguments against "social experiences / mono culture" I would argue that depends on the environment, as schools do not necessarily promote great social culture /etc. In high school years I selected all my own course material,, this allowed me to do college level computer science courses during high school, I was doing C and x86 assembly, and programming EPROM chips, while my friends in local schools were lucky if they got an Apple ][ with a basic interpreter. I also used the flexible times to work on many projects outside my school - programming jobs, volunteer as stage manager for amateur theatre company / etc. For me the major question to home school is ... is the child self motivated? If you are passionate about learning & study, home schooling offers far opportunities for development than is possible in a structured school experience. It allows you to take on far more advanced levels in your areas of passion / interest and to spend more time on areas you may struggle with. It is also important to ensure you get involved in other groups outside your school - i.e. special interest groups/amateur theatre/sports teams/etc. Will I home school my own kids? I'm not against it, but don't have plans as yet. If I become unhappy with local schools, then this will probably motivate me to homeschool my kids.

Comment first world problem (Score 0) 218 218

"most-liked photos didn’t allow users to choose which photos they want to highlight" Well yes you could change the photos. And they were never shared publicly unless you wanted to share them. Finally you never had to see them at all, by not clicking the year in review link facebook had generated for you...

Comment Re: Windows 9X (Score 1) 349 349

An incredible Number of windows developers do not know how to check versions. I.e if major>=5 AND minor>=1. In this case there are apps that check version by retrieving the OS name string I.e Windows 7. This was a popular but incorrect way to check if running on Windows 9x

Comment Re:Earthquakes? (Score 1) 219 219

Certain regions are prone to have earth quakes, but not all regions, and not around Beijing. Almost all that do occur are in 2.5 - 5.4 magnitude rnage "Often felt, but only causes minor damage." Sichuan has had some bad earth quakes (8.0,etc) but it is not near Beijing.

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