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Comment: first world problem (Score 0) 218

by chentiangemalc (#48682403) Attached to: Facebook Apologizes For 'Year In Review' Photos
"most-liked photos didn’t allow users to choose which photos they want to highlight" Well yes you could change the photos. And they were never shared publicly unless you wanted to share them. Finally you never had to see them at all, by not clicking the year in review link facebook had generated for you...

Comment: the problem is small independent book stores fail (Score 2) 309

The problem here is Amazon is not killing small or independent book stores with free shipping. The problem is independent small book stores are typically overpriced, have poor customer service from a minimum wage clerk who doesnt care to assist, and worse don't have what i want to buy. i love how retailers continue to have a big sook about unfair competition from online shopping, while totally ignorant of the fact they are not delivering what most customers want. and not just price. i find Amazon customer service is *better* than most brick and mortar retail stores.... I just watched a video via "Blockbuster Customer Service Training" and found Most of the "bad service" examples to demonstrate typical retail experience.

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