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Comment Re:From TFA (Score 1) 213

Well what the Android devices are trending towards is many cores, but not all identical - some low powered and some high powered.

A phone is largely idle but it can never shut down entirely so you only need a bit of near constant computing power keeping everything running.
The low powered cores can handle that just fine.
And when you start using it actively then the high powered cores kick in seamlessly to take over.

The iPhone misses out on that advantage because whenever it needs to do something like ping a mobile phone tower it needs to power up a high powered core.

Comment Re:Where is Commander Adama when we need him? (Score 1) 192

Better not let you control what runs on your computer. We'll lock it down for you to keep you safe and.....oh shit did some just hack the system and steal your bank details? Oh dear we'll just do a recall.

That's a computer analogy. Just because you can control your computer doesn't mean it's insecure.

Comment Re:Where is Commander Adama when we need him? (Score 1) 192

You mean you want all physical access to also be secured.

I.e. having to manually splice in to wiring looms (hard/time consuming) or using a convenient (but hard to access for an outside attacker) port in say the centre console.

Not having a convenient port near a small breakable window (lots of expensive cars got stolen because of this, they could smash a small non-alarmed window, plug in a programming tool and add new keys to the ECU), or an externally accessible port.

Comment Re:Market in action (Score 1) 54

Removing a single item of a package costing more significantly more than including it seems a *bit* odd though.

Otherwise logically you'd buy all their products and the total bill would be $2.50.

But no I'm sure Oracle has already thought of that. It will cost more to remove a product and it will cost more to add a product.

You are in a maze of UUCP connections, all alike.