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Comment: Re:You mean, ensures detection (Score 1) 107 107

It isn't about trying to hide the malware, it is very obvious that it is there.

It is about thwarting any further analysis, or at least making it a pain in the butt.
So you know for a fact you've found a bit of malware, but as soon as you probe it to find it's secrets it kills its self.

Comment: Re:An ever bigger torpedo (Score 3, Informative) 228 228

Erm its already sorted out? There is a human in the car/truck you know for that exact reason.
It detects an unusual situation and gets the fleshy to take over.

And once a set of road works are mapped, the cars can learn from others that have already gone through.
Ideally the councils/counties would actually have some ability to control the autonomous cars, specify road closures and stuff like that before the car even gets close.

Comment: Re:Windows !!! (Score 1) 93 93

You are clearly clueless about how Linux does it, and yes Windows can not do it.

On my servers, the DNS server runs under it's own user. It can't touch anything it isn't supposed to. The mail server runs under it's own. The web server runs under it's own. Hell even the server monitoring software runs under it's own user.

This is by default with nothing further to do - No service can muck with stuff it isn't allowed to, and even if there was autoplay on USB sticks, nothing on that USB stick could touch any of the services.

How does Windows compare again?

Real computer scientists don't program in assembler. They don't write in anything less portable than a number two pencil.