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Comment: Chicken Scratches (Score 1) 580

So, did math discover computers yet? Maybe we don't need to shorten every variable to 1 character just so you can write it fast by hand anymore? Maybe math can start using, let me think, this new invention called "Words with meaning" instead? Nah of course not then more people would understand it and that would be really bad wouldn't it?

Comment: Re:Matrix (Score 1) 161

by cheaphomemadeacid (#42433079) Attached to: The Power of a Hot Body
So... you're saying that when noone captures your bodyheat, you don't generate any? I really really don't see the logic here. Why on earth are you assuming that people don't lose bodyheat? Why the word 'drain'? Its not a heatdrain, its using excess heat and transfering to another building. damn you slashdot for modding this shoddy logic 'insightful'

+ - Linux on Microsoft Surface: What are the odds?-> 3

Submitted by hypnosec
hypnosec (2231454) writes "With Linux enthusiasts and distro publishers eagerly waiting for a solution to Microsoft’s UEFI SecureBoot, there are those who have already looked at the viability of Linux on Microsoft Surface tablet. Matthew Garrett, a.k.a. UEFI-guru, has revealed that those who are keeping their fingers crossed and hoping to find run Linux on Microsoft’s tablet are on an uphill walk and it doesn’t seem to be an easy one. So why is this? The answer is in the manner in which Microsoft has restricted the Surface from loading non-signed software / binaries by implementing UEFI SecureBoot. Microsoft has loaded its private key instead of the "Microsoft Windows UEFI Driver Publisher" key on the ARM based tablet, which is needed to sign non-Microsoft software like Linux distributions or loaders. So, no publisher key = no signed non-Microsoft binary = no Linux."
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Comment: Re:The "anti-science" crowd? Seriously?? (Score 4, Insightful) 218

by cheaphomemadeacid (#42085921) Attached to: Researchers Investigating Self-Boosting Vaccines
Really? your argument is OMG YOU KILL KIDS by not swallowing everybit of information from the government as fact? and you get MOD POINTS?! this is slashdot, please stop that. Here we say 'there has been no known study proving a direct link between thimerosol and autism"

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