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Comment use your judgement ... (Score 1) 263

Opinions are like aholes everyone has one and everyone's stinks. A wise man told me long back that ""as a programmer your peak earning potential is between the age of 35 - 45, you can engage in adventures before or after this peak period. If you are a super duper programmer chasing a job that offers opportunities to solve interesting technical problems is great when you are 45, you should look for opportunities where you should be able to leverage your experience. For the 10yrs you have in between consider opportunities that have the best financial rewards."" But having said that... You just have to go with *your* gut feeling, you don't want to miss that opportunity to work for that next google or facebook either...

Comment Nothing new (Score 1) 124

This is not just visas to the West, but also to the Middle east, and Asia pacific, visa agencies and bodyshops have been scamming people forever. There were movies made mocking how these tricksters operate. Back in the Y2K days when tech workers from India were brought to the US in large numbers there was a practice of falsifying University degrees. These Scams Scoundrels and suckers have always been around.

Comment Power and control (Score 1) 87

China pretty much does the same thing, they even block incoming and outgoing traffic through their "Great Fire Wall". In a nation state like India, which is a union of essentially 24 different cultures, the only way the govt found to keep people together and stay as one country is through coercion, and free people might not let that happen. Given a chance India will split into 500+ princely states like before independence from the British.

Submission Wireless Charging System for Consumer Electronics will you use it ? -> writes: Sounds like a really cool technology but will you use it if microwaves are involved? UTA researchers have developed a wireless charger, once installed in public facilities like airports, convention centers and restaurant/cafeterias, wireless chargers would equip these facilities with wireless charging outlets. This provides people an alternative means to have their laptops or cell phones charges, so that they do not have to resort to limited number of power outlets on the walls.
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Comment Jobs is dead and gone... (Score 1) 988

Jobs is gone, who cares what he thought of Andriod. It will be interesting to see if the new cat Tim Cook is the same control freak, he sure is a hard worker, holding sunday night meetings to plan the week ahead... but does not appear to be a product visionary like jobs. If you are an Apple fan (and there is nothing wrong with that) you will over look iPhones short comings and still stand in line with bunch of $100 bills in your hand for your next upgrade, that is the genius of Jobs.

Comment Happy birthday Ubuntu! (Score 1) 244

We should all be happy that there is an opensource operating system and it has not only survived but thrived in this competitive world, propitiatory software companies continue to use their muscle and power to block the growth of opensource operating systems. So, long live open source and long live Ubuntu. I have been using debian since around 1998, I have used knoppix for a little bit, but switched to Ubuntu when they made their initial release Warty. Ubuntu has evolved over the years, not just the desktop but also on servers, cloud, juju charms etc. And on online services like Ubuntuone file sharing and music. Supports multiple architectures, and has a great open source community participation. It takes a little unlearning to start liking Unity, in 11.04 I often switched to Classic Gnome, but since I installed 11.10 I realized what I have been missing all along. You can drive the entire desktop without touching your mouse! For a programmer like me that is a blessing. I can understand that Unity 3D can be a drag on some older laptops but Unity 2D probably will do the job. If you really have issues with broken packages and unsupported hardware please report a bug, reporting bug is so easy it is done automatically when a crash is detected or you can manually file it from command line using 'ubuntu-bug'.

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