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+ - Gameover ZeuS Re-Emerges as Fast-Fluxing Botnet

Submitted by tylke
tylke (621801) writes "Brian Krebs is reporting that the Gameover ZeuS botnet recently taken down by the U.S. Justice Department in June has re-emerged. The new variant of the Trojan "is stripped of the P2P code, and relies instead on an approach known as fast-flux hosting", a kind of round-robin technique that lets botnets hide phishing and malware delivery sites behind a network of compromised systems. Full Disclosure: I work for Malcovery Security, the company credited with identifying the new variant."

Comment: Re:Not the same thing (Score 1) 771

by chaynlynk (#35233898) Attached to: How <em>Watchmen</em> Killed 'R'-rated Fantasy Movies

I strongly suspect the real issue is there aren't enough people with taste similar to yours to make the types of movies you want to see financially viable.

Sadly, the other part of this issue is that it costs so much to produce these films that they have to get funding from major studios who care about demographics.


OnLive Awarded Patent For Cloud-Based Gaming 87

Posted by Soulskill
from the i-have-patented-the-moon dept.
donniebaseball23 writes "Cloud gaming provider OnLive has secured a patent for an 'apparatus and method for wireless video gaming.' The patent gives substantial leverage for OnLive over competing brands in the cloud-based gaming market. 'Hundreds of people have worked incredibly hard for more than eight years to bring OnLive technology from the lab to the mass market, not just overcoming technical and business challenges, but overcoming immense skepticism,' said OnLive CEO Steve Perlman. 'It is gratifying to not only see people throughout the world enjoying OnLive technology in the wake of so many doubters, but also receive recognition for such a key invention.'"

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