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Comment Re:Meatspace is losing to userspace (Score 4, Interesting) 310

NO! No! NO! No!

"Computers are the new primary conduit of communication and learning for this generation."

As a teacher I am amazed at how inept most kids are with computers. I did a simple ctl-c and cmd-tab and ctl-v. Just a simple copy and paste. Students looked at me as if I had just done voodoo.

These are not students new to computers. They were high school seniors who have had 1-to-1 laptop program since 7th grade.

The amount these students do not know is amazing. I taught a college level class as an adjunct. The college students could not use the computer.

The best part of the computer is writing papers. I get longer and better edited papers that are word processed.

Of course the students can get on facebook, games, and other such toys. Real work not really.

Comment Bummer (Score 1) 334

I feel bad for these so to be former booth babes. Now they will have no work and not get paid. This means they may have to do even worse jobs. I remember back in the Comdex days we had to hire one and it cost us quite a bit of money. I talked with her and I found out the girl made a good living being a pro booth babe. For her it was better than turning tricks.

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