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Comment: Re:Meatspace is losing to userspace (Score 4, Interesting) 310

NO! No! NO! No!

"Computers are the new primary conduit of communication and learning for this generation."

As a teacher I am amazed at how inept most kids are with computers. I did a simple ctl-c and cmd-tab and ctl-v. Just a simple copy and paste. Students looked at me as if I had just done voodoo.

These are not students new to computers. They were high school seniors who have had 1-to-1 laptop program since 7th grade.

The amount these students do not know is amazing. I taught a college level class as an adjunct. The college students could not use the computer.

The best part of the computer is writing papers. I get longer and better edited papers that are word processed.

Of course the students can get on facebook, games, and other such toys. Real work not really.

Comment: Bummer (Score 1) 334

by chasisaac (#44126883) Attached to: Are Booth Babes Going Away? (Video)
I feel bad for these so to be former booth babes. Now they will have no work and not get paid. This means they may have to do even worse jobs. I remember back in the Comdex days we had to hire one and it cost us quite a bit of money. I talked with her and I found out the girl made a good living being a pro booth babe. For her it was better than turning tricks.

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