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Comment: Re:Was anyone else waiting? (Score 1) 161

by charliemopps11 (#32849602) Attached to: Fan-Developed <em>Ultima VI</em> Remake Released
It was technically called Ultima X and it was scrapped. They used the 3d resources they had created in the latest revamp of Ultima Online. If someone sunk a massive amount of money into the project, it could possibly turn out ok. But more likely than not they'd try and make a WoW clone like everyone else and fail miserably.

Comment: well (Score 1) 833

Lets just get a few things strait: The only reason an MMO has a forum for its own game is so they can control the speech of those in the forum. This is just a further attempt at stifling the speech of those in the forum. If the WOW players were smart they'd flock to some other non-blizzard controlled forum. But its just to easy to use the official forums, and that's why it works.

Comment: fail (Score 0, Troll) 274

by charliemopps11 (#32735972) Attached to: Tesla IPO Raises $226 Million
Has anyone seen the episode of Top Gear in which they test drive this car? Basically all the claims by the company are BS. The charge lasted a fraction of the time claimed, the time it took to charge up the car was far longer than was claimed, and they ended up blowing the motor on it at some point. It was failure after failure and this was on a car that costs more than some Ferraris. Good luck Tesla investors.

Comment: Re:Hopefully Never (Score 1) 261

by charliemopps11 (#32552730) Attached to: When Will the Automotive Internet Arrive?
I have a 30yr old jeep that meets emissions every year. It probably gets better gas millage than your car (and no I don't mean that bullshit sticker in the window, I mean your REAL gas millage.) The problem is people don't know how to do basic maintenance on their own cars anymore. The computer compensates for the fact the owner never changes their sparkplugs, oil, belts, air filter, etc... when the computer finally can't make enough adjustments to keep the car running it finally dies... the owner takes it in and OMG! It needs a new everything!! How could that have happened? It was fine last week! A well maintained hummer probably gets better gas millage than any 5+ year old prius with a bad owner.

If a 6600 used paper tape instead of core memory, it would use up tape at about 30 miles/second. -- Grishman, Assembly Language Programming