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Comment Re:what's wrong with real mules? (Score 1) 153

The [payloads], come in by the truck load, or a large cargo plane release them at altitude behind lines...

Sorry, but you seem to have entirely missed the original point of this robo-mule, which was that there are mission areas that are not truck-accessible and in which the enemy has anti-air capabilities that make large cargo plane drops impractical and dangerous. That class of mission area hasn't gone away, it's simply that the mission isn't helped by a running lawn-mower engine alerting all the enemies that you're trying to drag in a bunch of heavy equipment. Probably this class of mission will now be serviced by actual live animals instead of robots.

Comment Re:ipads don't belong in the real world (Score 1) 366

I'd go for a very simple solution: 1. Pilot enters data. 2. Pilot hands to copilot. 3. Copilot enters data. 4. Pilot and copilot are forbidden from exchanging data until after the calculations are complete. 5. If both sets match, then ready for takeoff.

This is exactly what happened. Both Pilot and Copilot made separate errors that resulted in their erroneous results matching.

Comment Re:How many times? (Score 1) 389

If I buy a CD and play it in my home, how many others may be in the same room listening before I need to pay a fee?

There is a legal number which may be different in your jurisdiction, I seem to recall that the legalese for my jurisdiction at the time was something like, "If they are paying you anything, you can't have more than 12 or it's a public performance". I got nervous when my church played a recording of a song, but as I understand it, there is no customer-business relation between a church and its minions, they aren't paying to be there.

If a company buys a CD and plays it at their place of business, who else may be in the room listening before they need to pay a fee?

If RIAA thugs can walk in, pretend to be customers, and can hear your music, you are probably getting sued.

I do not know the answer buy my personal opinion is "as many as I want" unless as a business the main reason why customers are paying me is to listen to those specific songs, in that case I am re-marketing them.

The laws are messed up. Complain to your congress-critter. But first, give him the complimentary, indefinite use of a yacht and a beautiful blonde (of the gender of his preference, obviously) and 'forget' a couple suitcases of cash in the yacht that he might find.

Comment Saves having to climb a ladder (Score 1) 60

FTA: "Currently, such inspections are done visually and require an engineer to get up above the aircraft and around its exterior. That requires a platform and takes valuable time..." I predict that, with reduced budget and manpower for actual inspections and political pressure to certify planes as "passing" when they aren't, easyJet will have a significant mechanical failure within five years. It will might just be spectacular enough to make the news.

Comment Re:A first: We should follow Germany's lead (Score 2) 700

The Illinois thing is going to last exactly as long as it takes for a gay, black lawyer from the NAACP to fly down there and sue their pants off because they refused him service because he was black. The US has laws against discriminating against people, and this was rather thoroughly hashed out in the '60's and '70's. Unfortunately it looks like we're going to have to hash it all out again because someone found a loophole. Basically, if your religion says you have to bang your forehead on the ground nineteen times a day, that's fine. If your religion says you have to bang someone else's head on the ground, you are going to run into problems. Of course, then there's the corrupt police forces that beat people up and kill them because they're some sort of minority, or just because the cop feels like it. But that's sort of a separate issue.

Submission + - Dice declares bankruptcy, sells Slashdot to Reddit (

chadenright writes: In a surprise move on 1 April, reddit Inc declared that would going out of business and reddit Inc would acquire their asset, "Free tinfoil hats were passed out at the meeting," stated an anonymous source.

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