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Submission + - Capitol Records must pay DebbieFoster's Legal Fees

TechForensics writes: "From a Wired article at 21454284, it seems that the RIAA has finally bitten the big one in its headlong and heedless push to crush the life out of the meaning of our copyright laws: Capitol records has been ordered to PAY ATTORNEYS' FEES to Debbie Foster for refusing to relinquish its "untried and untested" theory of vicarious copyright liability, nameley, that a householder is on the hook for infringements conducted from the household, regardless of who may have performed them. Is this the beginning of the end of **AA brutality?"

Journal Journal: Spotlight Upgrades in Leopard 356

Mac OS 10.5 Leopard is set to feature several new enhancements to Spotlight, Apple's desktop search, according to ComputerWorld. These include searching across multiple networked Macs, parental search snooping, server spotlight indexing, boolean search, (sorely needed) better application launching, and quick look previews.

MS Seeks Patent For Repossessing School Computers 299

theodp writes "Microsoft has applied for a patent for 'securely providing advertising subsidized computer usage.' The application describes how face-recognition webcams and CAPTCHAs can be used in schools to ensure that computer users are paying attention to ads, and the recourse of 'disabling or even repossessing the computer' if they are not."

Comment Re:American Universities Are Better (Score 1) 565

Being Belgian I can say you're almost right. Universities are usually mostly about theory but there are other type of studies here apart from university. I tried the University (ULg, University of Liège) and failed because I didn't liked pure theory then I went on with a "lower" and much more practical type of study (don't known how it is call in the USA, here is Graduat/Bachelor opposed to Master).

You can "combine" the benefits of both type since you can usually make a Bachelor then a Master, skipping half the required year of the Master providing it is in the same field. So if you don't fail, you can have a Master in 6 years instead of 5, 3 of them being really practical.

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