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Comment: Re:invalid analogy (Score 4, Informative) 345

by cgleba (#17481848) Attached to: A Case for Non-Net-Neutrality
I work for Akamai; Akamai does offer a general-transport better-than-BGP service called Sure Route IP.

The idea is that we utilize the massive amounts of data about the Internet's health and the insanely scalable alogorithms for matching end-users to the HTTP server that can best serve them (called mapping) to create generalized IP tunnels that send traffic across "routes" that know more about the Internet then BGP does.

Think about it. . .BGP routes based on the least number of hops. . .there are many problems inherant in that. We route based on ping data, bandwidth, cost, reliability, etc, etc, etc.

Did I mention that we are hiring like crazy?

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