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Comment: Re:WTF, this story on homepage, really? (Score 2) 1613

by cfoushee (#37619874) Attached to: Steve Jobs Dead At 56
I came to Slashdot specifically to read about it because I wanted to among friends that would pay their respect to Jobs from the point of view of geeks/nerds. So, yea I think this is exactly what Slashdot is here for and I would have felt an emptiness had it not been here. I am all broken up about his passing. No, I didn't know him personally, but I do want pay may respect to his obvious contributions to our lives and our community.

Comment: Make default random (Score 1) 182

by cfoushee (#37070146) Attached to: Why Google Needs Firefox
Wouldn't it make sense for Firefox to be search engine agnostic and implement a random choice for the default. They would still collect their royalties, but they would prevent putting all their eggs into one basket and building up either Bing or Google too much. It benefits them to ensure that both Bing and Google and any other decent search engine does well so that there is competition, because once there is not competition they can more easily target by either Google or Microsoft and lose market share.

Comment: Remove the article from slashdot (Score 1) 410

by cfoushee (#31483932) Attached to: How To Guarantee Malware Detection
I read practically every response here on Slashdot as well as the ones posted by everyone on the article itself. Everyone knows the article is crap, and shoots so many holes in that its not even worthy to be listed here on Slashdot. I'm not one to make direct personal attacks and like to give people the benefit of the doubt but whoever posted this article should have known this article is without technical merit, or they were just asleep at the helm. Either way they should apologize and remove the article from rotation.

+ - Clinton campaigners busted for astroturfing->

Submitted by
Ian Lamont
Ian Lamont writes "The liberal blog Blue Hampshire has banned six users after determining that the users failed to disclose their affiliations with Sen. Hillary Clinton's campaign. The scheme came to light after Blue Hampshire noticed that the users all registered from an IP address used by the Clinton campaign in order to recommend the post Winning the Policy Debate — Clinton over Obama. Blue Hampshire has banned the accounts in question and has threatened to do the same to 'undisclosed paid staffers of any campaign' who are 'gaming the system.' Clinton's campaign office told the blog that the astroturfing was the product of 'overeager staffers and volunteers.'"
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