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Comment: Re:relativity alert! (Score 1) 122

by cflannagan (#35109388) Attached to: Supernova 2011b Gradually Fading
The star exploded when dinosaurs were on this planet. If you were in the neighbor of the exploding star (right there when it happens) when it explodes - at the same times, 64 million light years away, we have dinosaurs on this planet. Relativity b.s. It still exploded a LONG time ago - 64 million years ago.

Comment: Re:Punch Out is a good example (Score 3, Interesting) 251

by cflannagan (#28527147) Attached to: In Defense of the Classic Controller
Very few people use motion based controls after the first few levels? I'm in the middle of title defense series and am still using motion based controls, and don't see any issues with it (yes I'm familiar that motion recognition can and do suck for other games, but not this one for me at least). How did you determine that very few people were using it after the first few levels? Not doubting you, I just wanted to make sure you reached that conclusion through some polls or some scientific means.

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