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Comment Re:Can we get a resource here in thread? (Score 1) 327

If it allows ads, it's an ad allower. We want an ad blocker. We probably need a term for that that actually means that thing, given that Ad Block Plus and now Ad Block are both in cahoots with advertisers.

We are trying to talk about products that block advertising, with no trickery, deception, or payola. It's not controversial- just which ones do that? Sadly, the only thing that has been added to my original list of ad blockers that work out of the box (uBlock Origin and uBlock) was the APK Hosts Engine, from slashdot's favorite insane robot (and I'm pretty sure that's only a solution for Windows). Maybe the list of ad blockers not bought and paid for really is that small. That's a sad thing for sure, if true.

Comment Re:Can we get a resource here in thread? (Score 1) 327

>Websites still get paid only if

Websites still get paid only if they get paid somehow. We don't need to solve their economic problems, or support the advertising industry. If everyone blocks ads, then I guess we won't have to see ads. Anything beyond that is wild speculation, and more importantly, not our problem.

> It is only fair that I take up their space, time, and bandwidth, right?

If you cared you'd have a gold star by your name and be a subscriber. You either believe ads work on you, in which case, viewing them seems a really indirect way of getting the money to the sites you care about, or you believe ads don't work on you, in which case, you believe you are ripping off the company paying for the advertisements.

Anyway, trying to find adblockers that block ads. Changing topic to something something support the existing economic whatever is offtopic and silly anyway.

Comment Re:It's not spam, I'm not selling a thing (Score 1) 327

I said "spamposting". The word has more meaning than just marketing. Certainly, on most forums you get IP banned for posting the same text over and over again, and the offense is called "spamming".

My main concern with a hosts based method is that if *everyone* moved to that, advertisers would sidestep around it. Already they are looking for ways to avoid the existing generation of ad blockers by injecting ads that appear to be served from the main server- once the ad servers solve "trust issues" with the "content" guys, they'll be able to have the server you think you want data from scoop an ad up and serve it with the content. While that will require the addon guys to do more work, it will shut down the hosts solutions completely.

That being said, obviously hosts solutions are effective. I never disputed that. But I made a post saying "list things with no acceptable ads", and there's a lot about the apk engine I can't easily google. I have no idea what is (and is not) added to its blocklist, for instance.

Comment Re:Can we get a resource here in thread? (Score 1) 327

Well, no, that doesn't count. That's the whole point of a list- find ad blockers that block ads without needing some technical workaround. We're trying to list adblockers that will never listen to a list of "ok ads". It's ok that you think that a "good advertisement" is one that just hacks YOU (while not also hacking your machine). But that's not what I want. I want advertisements to never be displayed in any capacity. Tools like these actually accomplish this goals- the ones that take payola to some degree aren't what I posted for.

Comment Re:Can we get a resource here in thread? (Score 1) 327

Score +3, Troll? For asking for a list of adblock options that don't accept payments for advertising? Pretty incredible lol. I mean, it's an article about that very thing!

It's amazing that people don't want anyone talking about how to support and use products that don't allow an "acceptable ad list", as determined by a company that takes payments from advertisers- or more relevantly, an adblocker that defaults to not blocking ads.

So far we have uBlock Origin, uBlock, and maybe the start64 apk list? Hard to have a conversation about that last one though, with apk spamposting everywhere.

Comment Re:AdBlock+ = inferior & 'souled-out' vs. host (Score 1) 327

I don't know. I don't prefer host blocks because they break a lot of the web, and if they become ubiquitous they will be very easy for advertisers to work around in ways that make content retrieval very difficult. A programmatic solution has a lot of problems, but ultimately represents a more customizable way of getting the web the way the user wants to view it.

But APK isn't wrong. He's on a crusade, which makes him a giant sink of wasted text and nonsense, but he's not wrong. Deus Vult!

Comment Re:Can we get a resource here in thread? (Score 2) 327

Yes, it's vastly difficult to uncheck a box. As represented by the fact that all the guys that accept payola insist on that "default on" position. This is because they know that most users won't change the default, so it is a VERY hard request indeed. If instead they had a box that defaulted to blocking all ads that you could SET to ads that they have been paid to consider allowable, then very few users would set that up.

It's hard, it's dishonest, it's unreasonable, and we should support adblockers that block ads, because ads are awful!

But thanks for downvoting me (and don't kid yourself, it wasn't modded down, it was downvoted) and then posting as AC to shill for these fucks.

Comment Can we get a resource here in thread? (Score 5, Interesting) 327

Adblock and Adblock Plus will now both ultimately take money in exchange for allowing ads. You can tell the agenda from the "default on" position.

So, can we get a list of stuff that DOESN'T do this? Maybe with links to the developers saying why not?

We can't edit posts on slashdot, normally for better, but this means I can't add to this list with responses. Still, respond please if you got'em!

The ONLY ones I know for sure are:

** uBlock Origin **- For Firefox and Chrome, this blocks a lot of privacy related things. This one seems like you can customize it, and the addon page tells you about other ad lists you can also apply. Importantly, the developer (gorhill on github) has had to deal with "acceptable ad" beggars, and shuts them down. The odds of this addon staying clean seem very high based on this.

Chrome store:

I don't know if this works with popular privacy or usability forks of Firefox and Chrome, and maybe some Palemoons and Comodos and Waterfoxes and whatevers can chime in with details.

The old Adblock Edge was a solid Firefox addon, but discontinued with a message to use uBlock Origin. The somewhat similar dramafilled uBlock (without the "origin") I think has no acceptable ads either, but I have a hard time googling that stuff.

** uBlock ** - This and uBlock Origin share a relatively recent codebase, but there are some developer disagreements. I couldn't find any evidence that uBlock uses acceptable ads, however, so definitely listing it:

Chrome Store:

*What else has no acceptable ad option*???

I'd even be ok counting ones that have one that is disabled by default, something that uBlock Origin has fought off successfully.

Comment Why bottled water rules (Score 1) 562

Bottled water has some serious upsides:

1- Uniform taste. If you have bottled water of a certain brand in one place, it will almost always taste the same in another.
2- No local skunk. If you are in a place where the water might upset your stomach (say on travel), or just in a place where the water, while fine, is unpalatable (sup, Jacksonville!), then you don't have to worry about any of that with bottled water.
3- Because of the high profit margin, it's available and well maintained. The hotel with the skeezy water fountain and off tasting tap water will have a well lit and presented Aquafina / Dasani / whatever machine down the hall, always with plenty of product.

When I'm at home I drink tapwater, sometimes filtered, most often not. When I'm travelling, bottled water is a huge saver of effort and way to minimize risk.

Comment Re:You can't trust *anything* from Microsoft (Score 1) 215

Gaming on Linux is punishment. Sorta doable on OS X. Not really the fault of these OSes, but it is still true.

Windows 10 is so scary I'm considering running a PC for gaming and a Linux PC for all other things, including just web browsing. I have dual boot, but it ends up meaning I spend less time in Linux than I should.

Comment Re:Oh God (Score 1) 268

No way that omniscience precludes free will. Everything at the neural level is governed by classical mechanics, so you could, with enough information, predict the next step that all elements in a brain will take. Just because you CAN discover that, or just because some external entity could theoretically press pause for long enough to calculate ahead of time, doesn't take YOUR free will away.

You will lose an important tape file.