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Comment Re:Putin cares! (Score 1) 43

> So explain to everyone why exactly you want to keep your medical records abroad?

Because it's his data, and he can store it where he likes... unless a defacto dictator or totalitarian regime, Putin-style, overrides that.

> Don't trust my government, well, I trust corporations a whole lot less

I mean, that's a reasonable position. But under Russian style laws, you don't have the choice- you BETTER "trust" the government, because *you don't have a choice*.

Also, you mention things like the government auditing to be sure. That's scary as shit, and here's why- proper data would be stored encrypted. In the ideal world, you provide the key. In a less than ideal world, some corporation can unlock it. In a shitty world, some corporation can unlock it, AND the government can unlock it.

You don't get to pick "corporation or government". You are picking "corporation, or corporation AND government, AND it has to be stored less secure so the government guys can get to it easily, you know, for whatever reason".

Under Russian style laws, you could argue that renting a server in the US and a server in Russia and keeping a one time pad on both of those (such that neither side has your data) is in violation of the "data residency" laws.

This isn't a thing to save you from a corporation. A government that wants to do this is looking to monitor and control its citizens, full stop.

It's evil.

Comment Re:The guy aint no Sagan... (Score 1) 312

He gave an example of a type of diamond that is really rare. I concur that diamonds shouldn't be used as an example of inherent value, though.

Platinum and gold are around 30 dollars a gram.
Rhodium peaked at around 28,000 dollars a gram.

His example was exceptional because it used something that would trivially devalue if it came to Earth in large quantities as well. His point is that there's no known substance that could possibly justify 281,000 dollars per gram of transportation costs- the few you could point to or hypothesize are only so valuable because they are rare, such as unique quality gems, extremely short lived radioactive materials, etc. It's too expensive period- at the moment.

Comment Re:The last Windows version ever. (Score 1) 338

This is incorrect for two reasons.

A correct statement would be "There is not much incentive for game devs to move to Linux when people are NOT buying Linux games.". That's very different.

Second, he's not a social movement, he's a gamer looking for a better platform to play games on. If all of us on this website never bought another Windows game, that doesn't tell the company anything- you would need a huge movement, one that was vocal enough and had enough members- and that's a steep obstacle to just play some games.

Your suggestion that he abandon his gaming platform is not actionable or reasonable.

Comment Re:exaggerate much (Score 1) 231

Well, actually I fully intend to continue buying Apple- but it is clear that I have to do this knowing that their items are like, charged items from D&D or something.

I'm on my third Apple phone. The first one I was using happily (and it still works ok), but upgraded because I needed a technical capability that it didn't posses, just more horsepower. The second one, after three years, started coming apart at the seams a bit- plus, they had finally launched a larger phone (the 6 plus). That was a little bit lame, but my expectations for phones are that they are expensive and are with me all the time, and that they are reasonably current because I play mobile games on them- I view them more like video cards than CPUs, basically.

I would be very worried if I had a laptop, where anything could go wrong with a part and be told to get fucked. I would be moderately concerned with their laptop-like builds of most of their Macs for the same reason.

It's clearl

Comment Re:exaggerate much (Score 2) 231

What they won't do is necessarily repair shit for me when it is broken.

I haven't had a problem with any of their phones, but I had an ipod with a loose headphone connector. They simply told me they couldn't repair it. Not "it's not under the warranty so it will cost X", but just "nope, can't be arsed to pop open the proprietary screws we used and solder it down". They offered me like a 20 dollar credit on an entirely new one- which at the time was a couple hundred bucks for a model that was not particularly even an upgrade.

Comment Re:Windows 7 (Score 5, Insightful) 338

Vista had bloaty problems, but it was just a good reason to hold onto XP for a bit longer. Seven is a very good OS- apparently the last one. Eight and Eight-one have some mild spyware problems, but nothing intractable- mostly it's just their anti-user UI arrogance that got them a bad reception. Up until right near the end when Microsoft added all the spyware and really baked it in hard, everyone was expecting to go to Windows 10.

But Windows 10 is the worst thing ever, so nope.

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