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Comment Article uses anecdotes to make a point... (Score 2) 474

...isn't that one of the exact flaws the article is accusing some modern research of? Plus I'm glad there are scientists there to conclude a drug is not safe and to show that MRIs are not useful in determining causes of chronic back pain; how is that a failure of science?

Comment laptops make students look stupid to professors (Score 1) 804

As an engineering professor, let me just say that if you bring a laptop to class, you might as well be wearing a dunce cap. It makes you look stupid, as in "I'll take the time to come to class but not pay attention." Most of my colleagues feel this way too.

Comment Re:Personal mobility (Score 1) 282

Not so simple. I live a 30-min walk from my work, through urban Philly. To bike it (I've tried) is 10 minutes on the bike, door-to-door, owing to lights and other traffic rules. I often need to change clothes (summer is very humid). I have to lock my bike up outside due to fire-code regulations preventing them in the building. Changing clothes and locking/unlocking add time to the bike commute. Walking is just simpler. In rainy weather, can you bike with an umbrella? And no way would I listen to a podcast on a bike -- you need your ears to bike in the city. I was a bicycle commuter (4 miles) in graduate school on the west coast and loved it. For a simple 1.5-mile commute, walking seems better.

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