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Comment: Re:Personal mobility (Score 1) 282

by cfa22 (#29316349) Attached to: New Zealander Invents Segway Alternative
Not so simple. I live a 30-min walk from my work, through urban Philly. To bike it (I've tried) is 10 minutes on the bike, door-to-door, owing to lights and other traffic rules. I often need to change clothes (summer is very humid). I have to lock my bike up outside due to fire-code regulations preventing them in the building. Changing clothes and locking/unlocking add time to the bike commute. Walking is just simpler. In rainy weather, can you bike with an umbrella? And no way would I listen to a podcast on a bike -- you need your ears to bike in the city. I was a bicycle commuter (4 miles) in graduate school on the west coast and loved it. For a simple 1.5-mile commute, walking seems better.

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