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Comment: not knowing what education is for (Score 1) 335

by ceview (#46995113) Attached to: Zuckerberg's $100 Million Education Gift Solved Little
I think he would have been better to use the money to set up training programs for skill sets that are useful to society, particularly infrastructure aspects like plumbing, electricians etc. May be use the money to set up in school programs for really specific things like programming, or target specific types of students to figure out what they might excel in.

Comment: If robots are everywhere then it's possible (Score 1) 246

by ceview (#45721081) Attached to: Will You Even Notice the Impending Robot Uprising?
Imagine a scenario of several factories that are built by robots. The maintenance of the building is handle by robots too. For example an air conditioning unit breaks down, an oil leak etc etc. There is a robot that comes along to deal with it. The computer that controls these functions monitors it all and responds. The factory has its own robot guards, makes its own weapons etc. It needs more iron ore to make parts? It has a copy of all the maps of geological surveys and sends out a robotically controlled truck and excavator to dig up the ore. It gets the ore and brings it to the robot controlled smelting plant and so on. But this is probably not likely for another few hundred years.

Comment: It's hard to see waves unless it reflects (Score 2) 120

by ceview (#44359113) Attached to: What Wi-Fi Would Look Like If We Could See It
This is imagery in the article is really very misleading. What would be more meaningful to set the visible spectrum to black ( so no colour for the buildings) and then set some colours for each individual wifi transmitter. In fact it would look more like an image of Earth from space with only the lights showing, but rather than light it would be a microwave image. It would probably show only the faintest outline of buildings as the RF is absorbed creating an odd looking set of structures. But to 'see' the RF you would also need to set up a kind of 'RF reflective' fog particles in the scene to view the reflections ( a bit like the way you need dust to see a laser beam in the dark)

+ - Proof mooted for Heisenberg's uncertainty principle->

Submitted by ananyo
ananyo (2519492) writes "Encapsulating the strangeness of quantum mechanics is a single mathematical expression. According to every undergraduate physics textbook, the uncertainty principle states that it is impossible to simultaneously know the exact position and momentum of a subatomic particle — the more precisely one knows the particle’s position at a given moment, the less precisely one can know the value of its momentum. But the original version of the principle, put forward by physicist Werner Heisenberg in 1927, couches quantum indeterminism in a different way — as a fundamental limit to how well a detector can measure quantum properties. Heisenberg offered no direct proof for this version of his principle. Now researchers say they have such a proof. If they're right, it would put the measurement aspect of the uncertainty principle on solid ground — something that researchers had started to question — but it would also suggest that quantum-encrypted messages can be transmitted securely."
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Comment: Borg technology (Score 2) 464

This is very much like borg technology it seems, though it lacks the green glow. But actually this is a pretty nice prosumer device. I suspect that the entry level machine with 4 cores will be what Apple is keen to sell, I suspect the low end spec machine ( similar to current low spec on the Apple store) but probably a few hundred dollars cheaper. This will allow apple to sell more Apple Displays too. I actually think this is a clever strategy to get people who want to play high end graphics intense games. As far as expandability, I also think those days are over. The daisy chaining ability would reduce the actual number of wires at the back too. Pretty sure there is some kind of tower of Thunderbolt external adapeter drives you can sit next to it. No doubt a third party will create a matching cylinder that you can slide other things into like SDDs graphics cards drives etc and only needing one cable into the main cylinder.

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