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Comment Re:Also for people? (Score 1) 175

Your plan is to locate and fine the homeless based on DNA? Somehow I do not see that working well. Maybe long jail terms would work, but that removes the lack of a financial burden the fine is supposed to ensure.

The most effective way cities deal with that problem is to harass the homeless enough that they leave for a more favorable area, frequently by police beatings or turning a blind eye to crime against them.

Get some panhandling and vagrancy laws passed if you want to solve it, then make sure they are enforced. That ensures police contact, which will quickly provide a disincentive to be there.

Comment Re:I'd have said space x... (Score 1) 126

The capsule may survive the initial breakup, but it is not going to be aerodynamically stable just after the rocket shreds itself in an uncontrolled way.

At near orbital speed that means it shakes you around violently in a small can with a bunch of other objects which probably are not secured well enough to resist flying around during an event like that. You would not be pondering what is coming up long at all, assuming the capsule even survives an uncontrolled reentry from where the rocket breaks up.

The version up for man rating has thrusters to get it clear and maintain control of the vehicle, so it should do better.

Comment Re: Proof (Score 1) 546

They can both be verbs.

Effecting change is to bring about or create change, affecting change is to alter how change happens. Which you meant is up to you.

When you say "You affect change and change has an effect." you are saying you modify the already existing change, and it creates another change which did not exist prior.

If you had said "You effect change and change has an affect." you would be saying that you bring about a change, and that change alters the way things are.

Comment Re:I was hapy with my old machine until the mobo d (Score 1) 558

The same reason you do not want to upgrade caused me to upgrade. Computers are not really getting faster at a good rate any longer, especially at the top end.

My old computer was a 3.2ghz dual core AMD with more than normal cache memory, a middle of the line graphics card from the era, and 8GB memory from 2009 which cost me about $800. It runs nearly everything, but not at max.

My new one is nearly top of the line, which is partly due to seeing the similar one I ordered for the lady last year, and partly looking at product roadmaps and determining that it would be at least a few years before anything substantially faster would be released.

It was about twice the cost and six years later, and is about twice as fast for CPU limited tasks (the SSD is a major improvement, hard drive load times are much faster, the kind of games I play are usually vsync locked at 60 anyway.)

Comment mine is recent, so... (Score 1) 558

Copying it from the newegg invoice what I am typing this on is:

MEM 8Gx2|GSKILL F3-2400C10D-16GTX R
MS WIN 8.1 PRO 64 BIT %

Comment Re:How much did it cost him for slashdot? (Score 1) 126

There is no reason to continue to upvote this... I have been at the karma cap for a long while, and at this point nobody is going to make this less than full score without a fuckton of sock puppets.

Save your mod points. No matter how awesome Elon Musk is and how eloquent I am in my drunken postings, it is not going over +5.

My genius self would take a pay cut to work for him on the basis of the advancement of the human race... but there is just no point in continuing to vote it up.

Comment Re:Luck plays a more important role than people kn (Score 1) 126

I approve of what Elon Musk has done with his wealth.

I cannot say that for the vast majority of billionaires, and I could say the same of millionaires. My question is what do you think he should do? If you cannot come up with a better answer than he actually invested in...

Comment Re:What? (Score 1) 126

If you believe your position is significantly more secure than an investor you are deluding yourself.

If a company is solvent it must pay its employees, but as a company goes bankrupt it will fail to do so. An attempt to retain employees with promises will ensue, but if it should fail you will usually get in line with the rest of their creditors. In some cases you will get priority over cash only creditors, but you should realize that the company has few assets at that point, and those will be leveraged, so your recovery is likely to be very small compared to what they owe you (a serious suggestion if you find yourself in this position is to TAKE THE DEAL THEY OFFER or negotiate something else immediately.)

Large companies with a good revenue stream are usually secure (until a startup destroys their revenue, which is nearly inevitable due to cost inflation in running a mature company, but takes quite a while.) Startups are mostly run on promises of success, but usually those promises go unfulfilled. When they are it means lots of money though, which is where it balances.

I will end this with much the same thought I started it with. You are not much more secure as an employee than an investor or officer, they just pay you better and you are not aware of how close it comes with great frequency. Knowing how close it comes is worth a lot of money as it turns out, as it is extremely high stress... and sometimes you put your own money in to keep it going for the moment.

Comment Re:How much did it cost him for slashdot? (Score 5, Insightful) 126

It cost him enough money to live a life of luxury spent on founding companies intent on improving the condition of the human race instead of islands, yachts, and hookers.

Slashdot does not get much if any of that, but it regularly qualifies him for "news for nerds" and "stuff that matters".

Comment Re:Contract (Score 1) 353

Companies do it for consultants because the costs to them are far less.

I tripled my rates if they wanted a source license (instead of $125/hr it was $375/hr), and added many hours for a clean implementation of everything if they also wanted to buy the copyright.

When faced with a bill that would be more than 10x what it could be for something a company did not see as their primary business, most decided they did not need source code or copyright after all.

Comment Re:Contract: No! (Score 1) 353

My experience as a consultant was similar.

Occasionally I had someone who wanted to own everything because they were paying for it, but once I factored in the extra time to write a clean implementation of everything required, and my increased rate for time I would not derive any other benefit from they usually reconsidered their position and took my original proposal.

The ones I had problems with were always one of my salesmen agreeing to something extra without talking to me first. I penalized them heavily in other ways on the few occasions where that happened, but still needed to technically fulfill the contract (to the detriment of everyone involved.)

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