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Comment: Legal implications (Score 2) 221

by cemaco (#34776966) Attached to: Why Creators Should Never Read Their Forums
What no one seems to have thought about is some of the legal implications. I haven't seen this happen with games but I did see it happen with a well known author. He used to participate regularly in a forum about his works until some fan accused him of stealing his ideas and demanding payment. The fan had no legal leg to stand on aparently but the thing did go to court. Sowered the author on forum participation.

Comment: It doesn't work the way most people think it does (Score 1) 1

by cemaco (#26897469) Attached to: TrapCall service to bypass caller ID blocking.

One of the methods suggested to get around this service was using a calling card.
To my surprise I was informed by a coworker that sometimes calling card services also forward the ID.

Bottom line is that caller ID & caller ID blocking have been with us long enough for people to take them for granted.
I for one had no idea that the block worked on the receiving end and not the sender.
I also did not know that 800 numbers could view the data.


+ - TrapCall service to bypass caller ID blocking. 1

Submitted by cemaco
cemaco (665884) writes "TelTech systems of New Yersey, is taking advantage of a loophole in the way caller ID blocking works.
Since ID's cannot be blocked when the recipient is an 800 number, they allow their clients to forward incoming calls to their service. The caller ID info is then collected and forwarded along with the call, back to their clients.

Advocacy groups for victims of domestic violence are concerned.
Victims of annoying calls hiding behind caller ID blocking rejoice.

Article can be found here Discuss among yourselves."

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